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PLOT memproduksi berbagai macam aksesoris dan perlengkapan maintenance motor original mulai dari bracket kaliper rem, pelindung mesin, lampu sein dan lain-lain. Keamanan, kenyamanan, dan ketahan produk PLOT sudah tidak diragukan lagi.

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It has attached to WR250R.
Isn't it the dress-up effect up?

Fully recommend - easy instructions. Figment is straight forward and finish of item is top quality I would recommend this

Brilliant quality - fits the W800 perfectly and fixes the only "ugly" part of a Very Pretty Bike. Just be aware of Import Duty.

I think that anyone can exchange it.
It's clean because Bolt is fixed on Main plate.
Because all OEM Parts can be used, other than Kit is not necessary.

Blinker Bracket hit Rear's Cover slightly. It's a shame just because Review was good. I will never buy this Manufacturer again.

There was a time when Position ceased to light up in 3 months after installation.
Blinker's output was gone in 1 year and 4 months after installation. I used it for a while
It never cured. Mileage is around 7,000 km.
It seems that the number of Watt of output is also within the appropriate range, different from consumables like Tire and Oil, so this is a defect as a product.

This fixes what has to be the most disappointing design fault on the W800- the left side throttle cover. The original flat piece of aluminium does not match the right hand side at all, and although this is not a mirror image of the right side one it does balance the bikes appearance. Fitting is easy with only one allen key needed to fit the 4 bolts, two of which were on the bike already. I removed the side cover and still needed to hunt for a short allen key in my tool box to turn the bolts which face front and rear holding the cover to the supplied bracket. I polished the inner facing side and outside for protection against bad weather. The chrome appears to be nice and thick. I am really pleased with this part for my W800 as it improves the look of the bike. Delivery and ordering was quick and efficient.

Indeed exhaust sound and Wind Cutting sound has been reduced. But it's not a big effect. Moreover, if you think carefully, it is better to change the exhaust noise to a quiet type. It is proof that if your own Exhaust System sound is harsh. Let's buy a different Exhaust System!
Wind Cutting sound is nothing better than riding in Motorcycle ? ? ?
I bought it for trial, but if you do not hear the harsh sound anyway Sponge type earplugs that are available in that area are far more effective and cospa is also good.