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PLUSμ memproduksi sistem pengereman berperforma tinggi berdasarkan pencapaian dan keberhasilan mereka di bidang balapan. Cakram dan kampas rem PLUSμ memberikan performa pengereman dan kendali lebih baik pada motor Anda.

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Ulasan Produk PLUS μ

Front disk of WR 250X floated. Since the normal pin is a caulking type, it is necessary to shave with a sander but since the material is a suspension, it takes a little trouble to remove it. It is necessary to do it carefully as it scratches if you forcibly do it. This product is simple and easy to fix with washer → wave → clip order. After installation we have plenty of play but we are surprised, but the feeling of braking has not changed much. I do not understand the performance honestly as it ran just lightly. I do not feel the backlash while running like a floating disk of Brembo or Sun Star. I think that appearance is the coolest change as well.

Used for brembo's 5 mm thick FloatingRotor.

Although it exchanged in the car-mounted condition on the other hand, it is easier to remove it from Wheel as a matter of course.
Looking at the official site, it is only Wave washer and E Ring as 5 mm thick
Since OEMPin is only Ping Washer, it has a slight sense of incongruity, but even if it uses about 3000 km, there is no Pin flight or looseness so it will not be a problem for normal use.
For Race, Circuit use people obviously will not miss Check.

Since the OEM was worn as it was, Gasha sound was reduced and it became comfortable.
(Of course, it will not completely be lost)

I purchased Black without thinking anything, so I do not know the coloring.

There was some distortion in the Brake disc, Judder was out at Breaking, so there was no drastic change in Large due to the installation, but I think that it is quite a good item for Dress-upUp.

25 years ago, made with MC 28. This time again made with MC21!
For the time being OEM Rotor to RoseRose ...
In addition, I painted the color and tried it neatly.
In terms of performance, feeling is effective.
Just because it's Returns, I do not run like a long time running. Because I do not do full Brake with a penetration, Full Borrow while leaving Front, it is my favorite point that the appearance is Beauty!.

This was attached from the time of purchase of the vehicle, but purchased because the Pad pin dropped out and lost one while driving.
Fortunately I noticed before I applied Brake.

Because the Quick release type only inserts the Pad pin and fastens it with Beta pin, if the Beta pin comes out, the Pad pin will easily fall off.
Since this leads to a heavy Large accident, it is good to keep it bound with Wiring and Tie Wrap so that the Beta pin will not open.

Purchased with the description that it can also be used for brembo.
However, when trying to install it pretty hard.
Although somehow it got in, Clearance was too much and it was hardly moving in the Rigid state though it was a lot of Floating.
After examining brembo 13. 73 (I do not know if it is all brembo) Against 13. 85.
It seems that this subtle difference did not fit well successfully.
I wanted a statement as a precaution.

Single Seat for VTR 250 is MotoBamm or Suzuka R & D or KDC

I tried choosing KDC's Seat which is handled by webike and price is reasonable.

I changed my mind from the OEM's bottomed Tail, and I am satisfied with the change of the lower body's Hold feeling and degrees of freedom.

However, if you wear it at the same time with Tank Pad, the installation position will be gapped with the thickness of Pad and fixed through Bolt directly to the vacant hole in Cowl, so the durability is somewhat concerned.

Originally this type of Disc Lock, Pushing Pushing Type was moving, but the wear of Pin was the limit and it was exchanged. Since Pave has a Wave washer, it has stopped moving Pushing Pushing, but it will move if a certain amount of force is applied. Although I use this disc discretely according to the use with fixed disc which is completely Crimp, this one is still better in operability.