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POLISPORT menawarkan berbagai pilihan produk seperti handguard, lampu depan, bodywork, dan spakbor untuk motor-motor off-road. Produk POLISPORT merupakan produk yang tahan terhadap berbagai kondisi ekstrim. POLISPORT juga menyediakan suku cadang pengganti yang dapat dengan mudah Anda temukan.

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respond penjual cepat dan ramah juga, harga terjangkau dengan kualitas barang yg original. good job untuk webike mantap

I installed it in DL 1000 V-STROM 650.

Knuckle guard is on sale from SEA BASS with OEMOption, but Design seemed to be unbearable, so purchase Poly sports' Knuckle guard that was also attached to TDM 900 before..

Since it's a big deal, Choose Suzuki yellow according to Body color. I thought it was a bit flashy, but it is a good feeling.

Since the Body has some flexibility in the installation, I installed it while adjusting it well. Because the Clutch lever slightly interfered, I shifted the position of the Holder to the center side by 5?.

As Demerit, when installing this Knuckle guard, the OEM's Handlebar weight needs to be removed. Nonetheless, even if you remove Bar Weight, you can run without any problems.

I have been waiting for a while because the ordering period since ordering is long.

When it is SEROW of Small diameter round eye light, ime Chain effect is high
Compared with SEROW's OEMLight, it is half the weight in feeling

Even if there is a Stack Bar, there are no things that can not be installed but the person who removed it is good Fitting
When removing the Stack Bar M6 Nut and 20 mm Washer are required for additional to fix Meter

Low beam distribution is Cutline sweet
Please note that light quantity and light distribution are not better than OEM
Safety parts for ensuring visibility, not as lighting

It is tough and compact.
We purchased for TRIAL car, but it is a bit of a trick to TRIAL cars.
But folding is Compact.
Although it is high, I think that it is a good product.

I am on a dTRACKER.
I bought it because it was cheap at Sale, but it looks like Large texture, and if I lift it up I will not even get my feet even on my hands. It is very inconvenient..
I can not lift with a force that is half-baked.

I never touched PowerParts, but I think that it is quite good product here. At this price Fork bottomGuard (Both Sides) There is a sense of affinity with. There is no problem with the color tone of KTMOrange (Although it is matt finish). However, in order to co-stop the Guard, there was a sense of enthusiasm about the exchange of Axle clamp Bolt and Caliper bolt with Long bolt bundled. It seems that it is necessary to mark and periodically confirm loose confirmation. Also, you need to remove Disk guard to adjust Damper.

This time for the first time I bought a poly sports product, but I took it out of the bag, firstly the product is thin compared to the OEM!
Right Side is attached Screw hole accuracy is poor, it can not attach to Smooth, it is warped.
Left Side has good accuracy but Screw of Brake hose clamp has been licking from the beginning! Moreover, since Screw protrudes to the Reverse side, processing is necessary.
Since it is an overseas product, I can endure somewhat of the installation accuracy etc, but this evaluation is because Brake hose clampScrew is not allowed to lick from the beginning. I will not buy anymore, I can not recommend it!

OEM's Headlight cowl is not bad either, but when compared with WR 250 or a little, is it a bit strange? Design is not good?
Or rather, I do not want Number Seal to be somewhat disgusting, although I put a homemade Cutting sheet, it is extremely unpopular (Tears) So, I wanted to do ime Chain, I bought this Headlight cowl that I had been worried about before now.

Although the color is Yamaha blue ... I do not mind, though Plate is originally White, the colors of Number Seal and Cowl are reversed, which is a bit frustrating.

..., so it's hard to install as it is.

LANZA Halogen bulb of H4 (Sankei Socket) Anyway, this Headlight is Straight's 4PinConnector, and the power side must also change it.

In my case, thinking to restore, I replaced Headlight's Connector with Universal's Triple Socket.
At that time, the Wiring of Low beam and High beam was reversed, and I reconnected again (T д T)
Instruction Manual I am wrong ... Well, within the range of expectations.
There is no problem if it is bright on electricity, but just to be sure, I think that it was better to have a service manual.

The installation of Cowl has two kinds of Bracket (Two of the short depth and the long type) Since it is attached, it is possible to install in the model of Large general, but Bracket's material is not good (The quality of Plastic Material is subtle) So, in the long run it may be better to switch to a Bracket that Yamaha OEM is likely to meet.
If you are familiar, you can install it in about an hour.

Well, although it looks like it's important, I felt relieved when the old deco light cowl was replaced, it became really cool.
If you are not familiar with Motorcycle, you may misunderstand that it was attached from the beginning (← too much?).

Although it is the light intensity of Headlight, I think that it is no problem unless running like a beast road at night.
However, the absolute amount of light is lower than that of H4's Highly Efficient Halogen Bulb.
If you want brightness, we recommend purchasing Halogen bulbType Headlight cowl from the same Manufacturer.

If you want to image Sharp looks, or if you think that you want to change OEM's Cowl, I thought that it would not be a problem if I purchased it.