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Single Seat is Style ? Position is good, but the butt hurts in about an hour.
NORMAL's Seat does not hurt so much, but because Position is high, it is not used much.
So I learned about this item and reviewed Gel Zab too. I chose this as a reference.
I felt the pain was alleviated as a result of using Short touring roundtrip 2 hours back and forth the other day.
In the future I would like to verify the feeling of use in Long touring.

Speaking of Motorcycle's Cushion, there are many products of low repulsion and GelMaterial, but this product is also used for bedding positive repulsion Cushion.
Up to now it has become a painful place in about an hour in about two hours.
I was worried about the feet but I feel that it is almost unchanged.
Just a matter. The compatibility with Bottomus I am wearing is bad, the seating position has slipped forward just before it gaps and the sitting has increased more than doubled.

Purchase for Riding position optimization, not for nut pain prevention

I wanted to make SV 1000 S a bit more Race ish Position and wear Rear Sets, - I decided to raise the Seat high as a means to solve the problem left behind which I wanted to make the Handlebar a little lower

As a result, I am satisfied because I got a pretty favorite position
Even though it is compared with other products, I think the thickness is 25 mm which is a considerably thick category

It is problematic that getting looks daunting and getting quite gaudy
I think that the Seat shape of SV 1000 S is incompatible with this product, but anyway, Gap rolling behind
I want Band not only at the front end and the rear end but also near the Center

It is about 183 cm tall, so there is no problem with the footsteps, but Small patterned people may be cautious

It seems that you are using a positive repulsion LatexForm, but the feeling of sitting shows the feeling that it is moderately repulsive with no sinking like a low friction. I feel that a difference in feeling tolerance can be felt, but I think that it will be possible soon. I used it the other day in HondaXE 75 and used it for 7 days in Hokkaido Touring, but my ass did not hurt once.. I usually get pain around the caudad, but I enjoyed Hokkaido comfortably every day without any pain. Although it looks a bit bad, I think that comfort can not be changed. Moreover, since there is guarantee for 3 years, it can use with confidence. I think that this is recommended.

There are many Motorcycles called run triangles, but I think that D-Tracker 125 is a very high ranking Motorcycle.
When I thought that I wanted to manage Seat which I could not sit for 30 minutes, I was interested in this product called LatexForm rather than Gel.
I do not know much just by sitting, but the time I can sit has increased.
I put a rigid Sponge of 40 mm thick down to spread the seat surface, it got better and I can go to Touring too (Although the footing got pretty bad)
It looks bad, but the effect on the ground is absolute Large.
I will no longer bring the pain of the butt until the next day.
Off car etc.. In Slim Seat of Belt, I think that it is necessary even if Belos is CROSSed, so I think that various innovations are necessary.
Also, it's a bit cheap, so keep Seat behind. , Ingenuity is necessary.
Recommendation for those who have suffering neuralgia, other diseases in the buttocks.

Since I can not choose the Protection performance, star Zero, I attached one. It is a soft material and hardly absorbs shocks. Not to mention Race, as well as Touring, Trekking, etc., there is a high possibility of injury if you do not attach Protector on this.

I tried using SUPERDREAM 110 made by Vietnam Honda for a car that made it CUB like in Single Seat of Thailand Honda option.
In Seat, Urethane sponge was thin, and Knee grip can not be gotten in a riding posture, a car with a lot of fine vibration, and when I ran a long distance, my ass was suffering from numbing pain.
Last year I tried using GelType, but the LatexForm named BodyDoctor used for this product feels more effective than Gel.

The other day, I tried a tour of over 600 km on a day trip to the general road.
It was not a pain Zero, but compared to unused 1 / It has been reduced to about 4.

There is one place to worry about only one.
Since this product is not Waterproof, moisture will soak from seams when used in wet condition in rain. This will wet Jeans - - -.

Although it is trying to remove it in the rain, if it is all weather type if possible it is the best!
If you attach Seat cover it may be settled.

As it became hot, I bought it as Inner when driving in Motocross.
Fit feeling tightened moderately will eliminate stiffness.
Even if I sweat it I am surprised.