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PRESTIGE menyediakan kain pembersih untuk jok berbahan kulit, dashboard resin, jendela, hingga ban mobil. Kain pembersih PRESTIGE mudah digunakan, dibersihkan, dan dibawa ke mana-mana.

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Affinity with an air cooling 4 cylinder is a good muffler.

The affinity of a four air cooling pipe is good touch.

This exhaust bracket is provided by Kerker, its for the mainstand This will stop the mainstand from hitting the left muffler but the printed manual guide is not clear, this photo will clearly shows how it should be installed

SUperfast shipping to Singapore Nice finishing on the chrome mufflers dual-slip on sound real bassy and giving more horsepower!

Since he liked the Emblem of KERKER, the KERKER Emblem was stopped by the Rivet to the Muffler of TNK.Seemingly it is also itself that parallel have not come out a little [ ], and it is [ - and ] good kana.

Since rust would be hard to come out unlike iron, I think maintenance is easy. Although iron has a tasty sound... Oil is exchangeable and as for filter replacement, if the bolt of silencer stay is removed and a few is avoided, it is exchangeable unless an exhaust pipe is removed. If it can be pushed up to the upper part, I think a style becomes good. If you get used to custom, it is easy to attach.

It is this product that found [ which is an old type ] it in search of the big emblem since an emblem was not small conspicuous although KERKER megaphone acquisition was carried out.
Although it is a feeling demerit mark to write it to the lower right as the super trap small, since it is not conspicuous if it separates, the atmosphere (smile) which will be OK becomes good and it is the highest!

little cleaning of a car -- it considered and purchased.
Without damaging, since it is a wet type, it wipes finely and goes up.
Since a difficulty will be dried if it does not cover perfectly, and it becomes free paper Klos, cautions are necessity! It is one beautiful article unbearable [ liking ].