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Knalpot PRO DRAG mengadopsi teknologi dan pengalaman yang didapat melalui balapan drag race. Knalpot DRAG RACE memberikan tenaga yang responsif dengan torsi besar. Knalpot PRO DRAG juga memiliki tekstur yang indah sebagai salah satu kelebihannya.

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* I got it in second hand.

Exhaust pipe is an OEM of K-fak machine bended.
There is nothing to rack up on assembly, "Temporarily tighten the flange and plug it in. Just complete tighten up when the whole is provisionally assembled "is Don Pyasha".

Exhaust pressure is very high, Response is outstanding, and separation with Active Sub Frame is also OK.
Tail is up and it is Psycho ー.

Appearance improves considerably from the uncool figure of a NORMAL.
sound is also a good sound. The
Response also improves.
Probably, it will be better to merely equip with a Baffle by town riding, since sound volume becomes quite larger.

The Gold-light Titanium is used.
Low rotation becomes a sensuous feeling by original phi number in a super-heavy low and a high rotation area. It is satisfied with the merit different from Gentle
Earls Gear high performance again. Since there is
> sound volume, at the time of an automobile inspection, an Inner silencer authentic positive in an option is used. Since the
happy Manufacturer's store is the neighborhood, it goes to hear talk occasionally, but a hospitable Support is always carried out. I think that there is merit which is not in mass-produced goods although it is not the

If the Baffle is attached, when a fairly quiet sound
Baffle will be removed, the splendid explosive-sound-roaring

working hours are 3 hours.

The baking color of an exhaust pipe is very a beauty.
Since sound volume is somewhat large, an automobile inspection thinks that it does not pass the way things stand, but it is not explosive sound roaring.
Although it is a heavy low in a low rotation region, it sounds [ which is numbed / good ] KUON in a high rotation area.
The merit of the sound of a high speed area is popular also from the friend who carried out to touring.
Since it is titanium, the thing with a high price is painful in a wallet, but I think that goods are the highest.

This muffler was chosen by lightness, appearance, and the engine performance.
Since about 14 kg of weight becomes light from 3.4 kg and normal, also when it is made to blow by a corner out, change appears notably as well as management.
Moreover, since a feeling of GOTSUGOTSU comes also out of the rear suspension of soft touch of normal, slight hardness may be easy to come out to the direction of liking as it is, but since it comes to feel it hard compared with normal, resetting is required.
Although other mufflers and form of the manufacturer did not change about looks, since most was blue from the exhaust pipe which is exhausted at a beautiful word to the tail tube, the color chose the aurora silencer.
Since the color of a silencer has many fields of blue than expected, the overall color is very pleasing.
If it says about an engine-performance side, some torque of an about [ ~3,500rpm ] has fallen victim, but it is not like [ which is hard to ride ].
Since the torque of the hit over 4,000 rpm is raised considerably, it can especially feel by high speed operation.
Since it has set for lowering idling (950 rpm), although it is a bold sound, it is not so noisy at the time of idling.
However, since fast idle one goes up to 2,000 rpm or more at the time of a cold machine, it cares about warming-up.
During a run, from the level over 5,000 rpm, it changes to a shrill racy sound and is quite provocative touch.
Some after fire at the time of a slowdown comes out.
When attached by oneself, some fine places were worrisome, but I think that it is a muffler which can fully be satisfied if total.