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PRO GRIP menyediakan berbagai produk grip stang dan kacamata goggle untuk kegiatan off-road. Grips buatan PRO GRIP didesain khusus memberikan kenyamanan serta kontrol yang baik pada motor tipe suspersports, tourer, dan off-road.

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Simultaneous exchange was carried out to the weight bar.
The pure twist of the grasped touch is also soft, and seemingly, vibration will also be reduced since it is vibration absorption gel structure ....
Since it is also dressed up, it is recommended.

Since it was change from a pure grip, it was felt good.
Do as soon as [ future passes ]?

The held feel is soft and is good. [ of a grip ]
If short about 5 more mm since it is slightly long on this motorcycle, right will be carried out more, and it is 縲?
Although the place which stretches a rubber is likely to separate, is it businesslike with consumable goods?

He is simply smart.
Although it was dt50, but at least atmosphere changed very.

Although I think that it may be said that the old grip was cracked, a gripping feeling when it grasps is the highest.
Since it is a penetration type, bar end is also attached.
There is touch that vibration is reduced from normal.
www which a hole opens to the place where the thumb by the side of an axel hits in about two months in my case although I think that durability changes considerably by frequency in use and an operating condition -- it was wearing out gradually, and touch was felt in about one month, and it was an instant.
I think whether for the amount of money to be also cheap, and to be a satisfactory level if rate OFF is used since it is consumable goods.

Although what is necessary will be just to be able to exchange each time like the works which are worn out in the twinkling of an eye and which do not become useful if it uses for the hardly understood hard although there are probably some vibration absorption effects, there is no intention of buying it again.

It exchanged from the grip of normal.
Vibration in the junior-and-senior-high-schools rotation region which was normal until now and was afflicted was also lost with PITARI by exchanging for this.
Fatigue by long-distance riding was also reduced considerably.
choosing the thing suitable for self, since a pattern and a color can also do coordinates together with a car body -- good -- I consider.

It compares that it is pure, or he becomes, and a hand does not get tired easily.