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PRO TAPER memproduksi stang dan hand guard yang praktis yang dapat digunakan untuk menunjang tampilan motor Anda.

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EVO (YZ- high) I wanted the Black color but I was glad that it was sold out, because it was a color similar to Gold Wheel of WR according to Gold of Gold, so it was also Dress-up.
Although it is a little cheaper than the EVO in the amateur line, although it is feeling that Large does not differ in the city ride, Black is not good, but there is no ... but Magnesium color is disliked, but contesters with many coloring may be Recommendation.

As for the ride, Position is slightly higher than OEM from the OEM, so the ease of riding is also remarkably different so it is becoming felt that WR is fun and it is very good.
After becoming Fat bar, the vibration is reduced as well (Although synergistic effect also changed Grip) I think that it is becoming less fatigue even in long distances or continuous driving so I want to keep going fast and get used to it.

This time it was the best looking when I was looking for a grip that focused on the palm that does not slide Fit, so I bought it decided. I wanted to decide with All black if possible, but because it was not, Black & Color : Well good in Gray! Installation Accelerator grip is thick but slightly insufficient? (;_;) Right is just fine but Grip is slightly thick, so double-sided tape is wrapped and attached several times, installation completed, goo (^-^) g "" Now it's finished in Sporty.

XR650RMOTARDSpec. We mounted on.
【Purchase motive】
- Handlebar with height when KICK thinks that Balance is good for you.
- Upgrading effect as seen with Handlebar which can be mounted with Top Buriji of NORMAL.
[Getting Started]
Just by removing NORMAL and replacing it, LeftSwitch's anti-rotation drilling is DIY
【Status of use】
- Naked motorcycle Aiming for the visual effect of the wind Bar pad is removed.
- Balance at the time of KICK got better.
- The width of NORMAL 800 mm to 730 mm thinks that it is Handlebar change of Naked motorcycle position from Off car.
- Mirror is CRF 1000 LOEM and it has good feeling behind with no discomfort
- Installation of AELLA Bar EndProtector for MONSTER S2 (Hole diameter 13 mm)
- The visual effect of Handlebar seen by Pad got better.
- Yamaha Mini's Paint is not necessarily honest in the bar center (Because it is HONDA XR). I think Seal is good..

I feel that numbness due to vibration is reduced.
It is easy to keep Grip.
Block is a lot like feeling when I use it.

I wanted a handle custom, I was at a loss for about a year.
I really liked the Position of Normal handle and I had previously experienced it becoming hard to get on with Custom.
However, this Handlebar was close to Normal position when Variation of pull width and height were examined a lot..
I bought it to the conclusion that it might make it easier to ride instead if it uses a lot of pulling widths, perhaps without stuffing the Handlebar width.
With the ease of riding as expected, Handlebar vibration at high speeds was reduced. However, it does not become Zero at all.
However, the ease of Position's riding did not disappoint.
I wanted to try evo of Pro taper by all means but it was worthwhile to research and investigate for a year. (Lol)
I wanted to keep the Normal position as small as possible so I wrote Clamp with Y's Gear's OEM Product.

I like PROTAPER because I used it before.. I made it to HenryLEAD which I bought also for WR 250X earlier although I was quite lost as to which shape is suitable for SEROW. The touching feeling was that it became easier to stave and the feeling that the end part was going down was lost, and the vibration was reduced more than anything, the hand became hard to become numb. (The human body is going to adapt to things as it is) I do not feel awkward already. Since the Bar pad gets in the way of installation, I removed one Bolt.

Design, texture, Detail think that it is very good. It certainly is more Medium than Soft and I feel a bit hard.. Just the color of the display and the real color are so different. In the photograph it looks like a dark Gray, but the real thing is a Gray that gave birth to Blue. I happened to exchange Sele Ace Platinum gray of Pro taper with Handlebar and I hope the color tasted good, but when I first saw it, I was surprised, unlike the color I had imagined. As a result I like it, but.

I attached HenryLEAD to SEROW 250. Hand guard is RALLY 50 of ACERBIS. Everything went without problems. Just when Blinker's Switch box tightens Screw it works. I will try something to deal with it. It may be a bit painful to open a hole in the Axel fixing dock with Drill. Clap's Bolt is hard to close due to Pad. Vibration has been reduced and traveling becomes very easy to get on.. And it's Parenthesis.