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Project μ

Project ƒÊ menghasilkan produk kualitas tinggi dengan menerapkan teknologi terkini yang ada di dunia balap roda 4. Kampas rem Project ƒÊ memiliki performa pengereman dan kemampuan kontrol yang handal pada kondisi jalan dan trek apapun.

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Ulasan Produk Project μ

this is a average pad. useful for normal riders. in the street, this is perfect! my bike is hornet 600 08' combined abs system.

Caliper with Tokico : From 6 pots, Advantage : Because I changed to NISSIN 6 pot, if I was thinking to purchase my favorite Metallica, because it was out of print, I also liked the Carbon metal series, so I made various worries.
First of all, I confirmed it by exchanging only Caliper and Pad, but it did not work at all until Pad became familiar, but as it gets familiar it works ? Control also improved..
When Tokico + Metallica 's time ago, it worked perfectly, and there were many times that it seemed to lose Control from Corner entrance,
This is very effective at the beginning of grip, braking power rises as you clench, Control is easy to exercise. Release while defeating from entering Corner also goes to Smooth.
I like it very much..
However, it is difficult to judge whether Caliper is a benefit of being changed or the nature of Pad.

Also, since it is Carbon metal type, Rotor is Coated Black and Parenthesis has improved
Because the hit width is extremely different between Tokico and NISSIN 6 pot, Rotor has changed after all.
Regarding durability, it is still only about 400 Km and it is unknown in Inano.

However, it was disappointing that ZrX 1100 OEM 's for Rear was out of print and it could not be obtained here, and he called Net and real attachments and so on, the market stock could be managed somehow Quantity : 1 Set found and installed.
It is good to resell it, but I'm worried about what to do next time.

One item indispensable for running on Sports.
Previously I was holding on Vinyl Tape, but because it became sticky, I changed to Cover Type.
PROJECT μ is also using Brake Pads, Rotor and Fluid, and it is also your favorite Brand.
As always there is only Wei Baig, because it is also a consumable item, you can get it immediately.

I attempted to replace it from Red Pad of DAYTONA,
Obviously the hole diameter of Pad pin is different, it can not be installed in OEM Pin.
DAYTONA is a circle, but Project mu was an ellipse.
It is 94NSR250 compatible but you can not attach the pon, and installation requires processing to make the hole Large large.
The shape of Pad was conforming.
Recent Pad, do you need processing to install?
Manufacturer wants improvement.

I used SBS's For StreetPad for 1 year. Initial braking is loose for SBS made
I felt it worked just as much as I grasped, this was good with this, but I wanted some early braking
I was looking for a Pad of a different Manufacturer, I found a Pad made by PROJECT μ !!
4 wheels (AE86) At the pass and Circuit at running, "Project JECT μ HC" Although I was using it,
I liked the fee Ring and the cost performance at that time and I bought it.
Pad at the time of brand new is about 4 millimeters from the time of brand new for SBS made For Street used for about 1 year
It is about 1 mm thick.
Since it is currently being handbrapped, I feel that braking performance works just as much as I grasp, but compared with SBS made
Initial braking is already good. I think that there is a change in Fee Ring if Atari comes with it.
Also, in the case of two wheels, I can hardly see it, but the color of Pad Za Gold part is the same as 4 wheels "Emerald green"
I prefer. Braking performance - As for COSPA, it is expected from now.

BONNEVILLET100 (Air cooling model) I installed it in Front of.
Caliper and disc are still NORMAL.

The Pad I have used up to now is OEM → Bethra METAL → RKMega alloy → Metallica Normal specifications → PROJECT μ μSpital METAL this time.

BONNEVILLE 's Front brake is ineffective, so I tried Pad replacement for the braking force but Vesla and RK were almost unchanged from OEM, Metallica Normal specificationsPad was quite effective and satisfied.
Just saying it works well, I was looking for a Pad that can be full Brake even with a slightly weaker force, when I was in full Brake, I needed to grab Lever with a lot of strength..

Metallica Normal specifications or better Pad is a thing of for Race, but RacePad that can be used for BONNEVILLE's one-touch 2 PODCaliper did not exist but it was giving up, but Brake Pads's Lineup When I was looking out at the bot, I caught this Pad by chance.
Although it seems to be a famous Manufacturer for 4 wheel Brake Pads, the popularity of Pad for two wheels seems to be different as it seems to be, as there is not much information found even in the Net, there was also a bit uneasy but it is used for Normal caliper of BONNEVILLE It is possible to for RacePad so I tried buying it unexpectedly.

The thickness of the back plate is about 4 mm as same as Metallica, and Edge of Plate may be Laser cut perhaps because it is sharp like Metallica.
Braking force when Pad is cold is the same as Metallica Normal specifications.
I think that it will not warm up in town unless deliberately repeating full Brake.

Running at high pace at Winding and warming up Pad will demonstrate braking power over Metallica NORMAL.
If you attach RacePad to a regular Motorcycle, it seems that it may be difficult to get on in public roads because it is too effective, but Brake of BONNEVILLE is so effective that I finally got this Pad and it looks like a normal Motorcycle.
I do not feel difficult to get on because it exerts the braking force as much as I grasped Metallica.

I thought about replacing Caliper and disc but thought that this Pad was enough for running public roads.

Just my BONNEVILLE is exchanged for Radial master, Front fork spring is also exchanged for Other Company Product, and Fork oil's oil level is also adjusted so you may get a different impression from Full normal car body.

09CBR1000RR EDSpec. I used it in Rear.
Making the back plate etc is like decorating for other companies' for RacePad and OEM, but it was hard to make it Rust hard and fitting to Caliper was also firm.
As for for the effect, it was easy to control without having too much effect as sufficient performance as SS revolving vehicle used with Front brakeMain.
Durability was not different from OEM.
Since Cost performance is good, I think that if you reduce it by two-thirds, you will be able to keep a good fee Ring.

It is not HYPER at all, but it will work to some extent.

When heat got in and it hit a little and hits it, I felt as inferior to HondaOEMPad.

In general it is a normal Pad image. It was a good impression only when brand new.

Rain, Dirt, Muddy Quantity on Condition : Pair (for Left and Right) There is a sense of stability not being done.

Impression that the durability has not decreased so much so far is not so far. (Currently 5000? Used)