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I bought it for CB 1300SB. We investigated variously and selected the heavy bass slip-on silencer. As a result, Plus alpha's privilege came to Cospa. I think the heavy bass is about NO 2 next to Wyvern. I am very satisfied..

Easy to install, it takes less than 10 minutes.
It changes considerably sound quality with or without Baffle. I use it in Baffle ant, but I got better Response than OEM.
It's low price but satisfying both looks and builds.

There is no telling whether the Power went up with sufficient honesty.

An anyhow good sound and a build lump are large satisfaction in a good Cost performance and attachment simplicity, a weight saving, and these five points.

With a NORMAL, an impression changes entirely to the extent that he thinks whether to be the really same vehicles.Although the price is cheap also in the large excitement (smile)

Slip-on muffler to that it can blow going up with a sufficient
crisp, the engine performance is enough.

It exchanged for the Screen here from the pure Screen. The
instruction manual is also polite, and if exchange also holds a hang, I will think that it is easy. It is the touch from which the wind escapes above the Helmet jaw by me with a
height of 178 cm. A jaw is pulled also in the time of high-speed cruising, and if it is made the touch which lies down for a while, the difference from an original manufacturer's product will think that it understands clearly.

[Webike Monitor] Since the choice of the Muffler for
ST was cheap in little, it purchased. The result of texture and sound is satisfactory.

[webike Monitor] Since it felt thing insufficient for the
Normal muffler, it chose out of the reliability of a Cost and a store.
What has required for exchange having admired first should be together with all of all (pure Gasket etc.).
The description also with intelligible how to attach is attached and I, the amateur, have also equipped easily. although the
STAINLESS STEEL was chosen, details make -- also being crowded -- it is solid. And it is very pleasant although it is sound. As compared with a NORMAL, racy touch can be experienced at a stretch. However, it is a grade which does not make you trouble in the neighborhood.
Very much satisfied, although mostly chosen by price serious consideration.