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Sepasang Jalu Stang Universal MAGAZI - PROTECH mantap!

got a mirror. Thank. One is bad that you do not indicate on the site how many complete mirrors and from this I would rather have to order another mirror. There you just written (pc) on the site and that's it.

I do not hear much of the story that the Radiator was broken by a flying object, but it is better to have more than nothing?
Because the Radiator is in a high position on the SV 650, we will not receive much stones picked up by Tire
This Radiator guard may be low in cooling effect due to rough eyes, but SV will be durable in Large because the fan did not turn even if the traffic jam of 35 degrees celsius stops
The best effect is that the dirt is easy to wash
I do not know the invisible side
It has accuracy and no distortion, is not it good?

PROTECH Universal MAGAZI mirror By: PROTECH I Used in My Yamaha SR 400. It View is good and beautiful. Right side works well without shaking. But the left side is blur at the speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour

I misunderstood the English version and I was wrong
This Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It's a one-sided one

Although not complaining, webike is also always like Quintity like Blinker : Pair (for Left and Right) For items to be used with two sets, in case of One Side, please translate (Please enter here if you write clearly - - -
"Quantity : 1pc. I'm writing - - - I misunderstood himself is bad - - - In order to keep people like me from appearing in the future "* One Side 1 pc will be the only one. Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Please purchase two people if you use it. "I am happy to write things like that

Since I received only one, I have not used it yet, but making is normal
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Although it is convinced if this price is two with two, it is delicate when thinking about two 7000 yen
webike Original Blrand flowing Blinker is attached to the Front, but making with it is almost the same. Also price.
I think that it is better to buy it as much as the sequential function is attached..

I felt like I looked at it in a straight line, the LED is bright and the visibility looks good
But there is only one
What should I do

these are some pretty wicked turn signals, very easy to install and very bright, almost to bright. they look really good and are made of some really solid material. lightly smoked in color but not enough for the police to hassle you. the wires are very exposed so i would highly recommend getting some shrink tube, helps water proof and protect anyway. i had to make a slight adjustment tot he original turn signal mounts to get them to work but it was easy as pie.

I can buy it for a little 10,000 yen Radiator guard.
Although it is oversea product quality to pull Cowl to some extent for installation,
Because its rigidity does not dent as much as pushing by hand thanks to a hole that does not tear off Large
It seems to demonstrate the defensive power from chitin and stepping stones.
OEMPlastic cover covers the lower part of the Radiator even if you can cover it, so the performance is satisfied.

1 quantity is 1 piece of mirror. Not 2 piece. Please beware. Item sold as described. Nice color but still preferred black.