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P's supply

P's supply memproduksi knalpot kualitas terbaik yang ditawarkan untuk beragam jenis motor mulai dari skuter hingga motor ukuran besar. P's Supply merancang knalpotnya berdasarkan pengalamannya di dunia balap, sehingga dapat memaksimalkan performa mesin motor Anda.

( 1782 Ulasan)


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Ulasan Produk P's supply

I wanted a collective Exhaust System, but the condition was "cheap" "Normal step OK" "4 in 2 in 1" It was, but this "P's supply P's supply Imperial Full Exhaust System" Was Exactly.
I was worried that it was cheap, but there is absolutely no problem. Small with a bold letter Silencer is Material : Although it was written as Titanium, it is a little uneasy because the photograph is a Carbon winding, but what I actually sent is "Material : Titanium " (maybe) was.
Carburetor rides without adjusting anything, but low speed has no problem at all. Dandruff is definitely getting better. Anyway, it got lighter, so it was easy to walk around and the driving became light.
The problem is too pleasant, so turn it too much and worry about fuel economy...
It is an Exhaust System which is looking forward to riding a Motorcycle ♪

Although the overpants was used until now, he wanted to connect with a jacket and it purchased.

It is shopping in first Webike.
In a mesh, it is cool, and vomits and a feeling is also the highest.

I was trying on KomineTitaniumRACING Gloves Julius at a certain Motorcycle shop but I have been using it for a half year because I have used Gloves now, but falling down with Circuit, Gloves and Leather suit became tattered and it became cheap this time I bought it because it was. Sewing well and leather get familiar with hands at hand. Leather exclusive Oil when brand new When you paint more familiar with your hands. This Recommendation

Try on Komine's TitaniumRACING Gloves Julius with a certain Motorcycle article and forgotten for six months. Because I fall over with the current Gloves with Circuit and it was full of scratches I was thinking of buying it, Wae Big, I decided to purchase because it was cheaper. Sewing is also good and leather gets familiar at ease. I painted Oil when I was brand new, but I am familiar with my hands further. This Recommendation.

This would be great upgrade for your regular spouse like back protector that comes with your Komine jacket. It does add some discomfort due to the harder shell but not too much discomfort that would annoy you during riding. Would highly recommend~

With Waterproof, you can use it with various settings. Even if it suddenly rains it will manage somehow with Waterproof, so if you set this as a basic Bag, even if your body gets wet it will be Large thing Wallet - Mobile etc are not wet.

I thought about making electric heaters, but to make use of what I was using, I purchased Inner Gloves. Thicker than I expected, south Kanto (I sometimes go to Kita Kanto in Touring) It is enough to use with. I'm using the same Size as Outer Gloves, but I sometimes get out with Outer Gloves so 1SizeDown may be okay?