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Puig adalah manufaktur bodywork motor asal Spanyol yang telah eksis selama lebih dari 50 tahun. Puig menyediakan windshield, spakbor, hingga engine guard yang membuat motor Anda tampil unik dan modern.

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(It is not impression.)
since the connection method was not known, I had you let it use this column -- it is the field engineer who did the impression contribution of the > impression person-in-charge Mr. point to the goods.
Although it thought that two or more photographs could contribute and the text was written, there is a part where only one sheet is made to correct the text to in part since like.
-- It is unclear.
a photograph -- like -- of a muffler and a tool -- photograph -- like -- -- please delete.

It cmUP(s) pure twist 5 and appearance is also good.
However, it is necessary to return pure at the time of an automobile inspection.

Fair price and very nice product, reduce most of wind pressure, it could be very helpful in winter, I used to wear a lot like a bear and now I won't. The shippment to China with ems is also fast and luckily the package hasn't be charged for tax.

Applied by Option at Shop when ordering Z 900. Although I did not make it in time for delivery, I got my shop installed on yesterday that the item arrived.
I attached it and it is impression that I ran 250 km.

There is a clear flow effect for Compact. Because the width is narrow, we can not prevent the wind hitting both shoulders so much, but the wind hitting Helmet from the chest has drastically decreased.
It is fashionable in shape and it is a design of a pouch to flowing water.

I was at a loss as it was a bit expensive,
Since aerodynamic parts at Motorcycle have increased, it challenges!

The target is ZX - 10 RR
After assembling, remove both Side cowl
Just tighten together!
I think I can organize it sensually.

Reduction with butter when accelerating, Improved stability during deceleration
I feel.
I think that it is a meaningful aerodynamic part.

Easy to install, even if you open the Shield, you can run at 100 kilometers, if you order MAX 140 ?, Slits of wind bleeding is good or not, because ScreenReverse side does not get into the hands, you can leave wiping left when washing the car However, Minus

Compared to Normal screen, I think it looks very good.
Wind pressure to the chest also runs out, you can run comfortably, especially on highways I think the difference will be understood Drill Ha.
Just because the turbulence is occurring, the wind noise became bigger than the NORMAL on the expressway, and the wind blow to the head and arm became stronger.
Although I am 183 cm tall, I feel a little problem on expressways.
I feel like I'm blowing up straight into Helmet, and if I move my head I will be brought by wind pressure.
Because it hits the arms, the upper body wobbles on the bridge etc..
The sound became Large (Helmet is Z-7) , Navigation and other sounds became difficult to hear.
The insect attack on Screen became awful, and I wanted to clean every park..

Although it is comfortable on the general road, I think whether to add a clip on type object for high speed use or to take rectification countermeasures.

OEMDesign was also good, but I decided to replace Screen in order to manage the wind from above my chest.
Running at a high speed, I want to avoid the wind that hits the upper body and gradually go forward and go away.
Also, on ordinary roads I wanted to do something to Helmet to hit insects as Drumstick Drumstick ....
For this reason, it is an exchange that I hope to improve even a little.

As an impression after the exchange, it is surprisingly Cool.
It was somewhat more expensive than OEM but it was up, but my face became sharp.
Regarding the rectification effect, the condition of the wind changes, I feel that most of the upper body is covering.
(For insects, the time has passed so Impre is omitted)
Good appearance rectification effect, really "Good to exchange!" I think that it is a product.

Exchange is not difficult.
Remove the lower Panel on Meter and look inside Screens fixed Hexagonal Bolt Quantity : It can be exchanged if 2 pc is removed.
Be careful not to break the nail of the Panel, be careful not to drop the Bolt during installation ....