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Pyramid Plastics adalah produsen yang menawarkan spakbor belakang, under cowl, dan body set lainnya untuk beragam jenis motor. Keunggulan Pyramid Plastics adalah produk mereka yang dicat dengan warna asli pabrikan.

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I did not know that there was a dedicated adhesive installed OEM Fender PP (Polypropylene) So use Konishi Bond's Ultra versatile PremiumSoft Black to make the glue gap a plastic repair (Black) I filled it with

It corresponds to ALL MODEL, but it does not include. It is a structure to install using Reflector's M6 Nut, but it was impossible to install because the shape width of the product is different from the Fender shape on the car body side.
To the enclosed instruction manual was only one sentence that you put videos of how to install on YouTube. For Versys 1000 it may be possible to install it if it is MODEL before 2014.

Secure with Double-sided Tape and PlasticBolt nut.
It is like the same Material as Fender in OEM and there is no feeling of aftertaste.
However, BALI remains in the middle of now. Be careful with handling with bare hands.
Driving safely by putting reflective material.

The installation parts (Bracketetc. ), Except when I was looking for an integrated Rear Fender, I found this item and purchased it.
Though things are FRPMaterial, it is thick and very solid. The painting of Lime green was somewhat older people's color but we are generally satisfied.
Regarding installation, I asked Shop, but the installation itself was not difficult but it was quite difficult to get out the center, adjusted Bolt's Screw hole - - - I did it with.

Anyway, I am very satisfied with the presence.

It is the shape of the street of the product image.
It is in the shape which extended considerably down to the vicinity of the Regulator.
It was disappointing that there was a Wound though it was a new item.

Material : Carbon Style really fake.
It was a disappointing feeling that the color was different from the picture on the Web.
I think I will use it after pasting a genuine Carbon seal.

There is no hole against Bracket and the painting has scratches etc. Product accuracy does not match the domestic product at all. Moreover, if the Exhaust System is set to Other Company Product, the Exhaust pipe part will interfere and it will not be processed unless. By the way, I have attached the full exhaust system of kFACTORY. Besides Design was good and none.

Do not expect too much effect, buy thought as Dress-up.
Even when running on a wet road, the dirt on Rear shock has gone.
Not all mud splashes around Rear will be solved, but it is useful for shaping.
Because it is a Minor car, it is not aware of anyone, it is self-satisfied