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I converted from WR 250X. As I made it for X, I did not need a Spacer of Brake disc separately and pressed Bearing, so it gets a bit higher than OEM but it is cool so I made it here. Product accuracy is very good, both Rim, hub and Nipple are beautiful Anodized and very cool. It seems to be cheaper than other companies' Rim, but I think it's enough. The forest road has become a lot of fun. Most of all, it is very cool.

Rear disk rotor exceeded the usage limit Breaking Wave and troubles with this item Buy this. The deciding factor was thickness. Breaking's Wave is 3. 5? Here is the same 4 as OEM. As I like to run through forest roads, it is more secure for me that it is thicker.
Design is Parenthesis when seen in the picture, but it was surprisingly plain when actually installed.. I thought that the weight of Rotor is the same as the thickness, but I felt it was not so different from OEM. Brake's handedness is similar to OEM. Although it runs only about 200 km yet, there is no sense of incongruity in a certain sense. Pad tried on DAYTONAGolden.

It is a replacement because the rim cracked. My model has a front desk, but there is no rear (We ordered excel) The aluminum nipple could also be exchanged without any problems. Just offset was aimed at the center, but my KX seems to be offset toward Left. By the way, OEM nipple does not fit.

I bought it because I wanted to go to Dirt forest road at WR 250 X MOTARD.

Wise GEAR (YamahaOEM Parts Number) It is sold by
I love to attach to the front and rear wheel set for "WR 250 R".
Front brake - You can install Caliper as it is for MOTARD.

If you attach disc plates of for MOTARD to each wheel,
Anytime On road - Because it can run off-road, twice as fun ♪

I chose by design and price.
It is a place to install, but there is no particular problem in mounting.
However, while the STD Disc covers all the mounting parts of the Wheel, this disc has a portion that is exposed as Design.
Where aging deteriorates, Wheel's concern about corrosion.

OEM Rotor bent, I felt something wrong with Brake so I replaced it.
Custom feeling came out from OEM. I searched Rear's cheap Rotor, but I purchased it without Hit at all. The price is Other Company Product and Front is about 3000 yen.
After that it became thicker than OEM so I would like to expect a lifetime.

I wore it to the front of SEROW 250, but when I went to the forest road Touring, I got distorted just because I got a mild hit on the stone. Since it was a long way from home, driving with only R brake was risky and dangerous.
I will never wear it again.

I use it to attach SEROWWheel to XG250 TRICKER

It is very light compared with OEM's Rotor

19in. Than XG250 TRICKEROEMWheel + OEMRotor
21in. SEROWOEMWheel + GramRotor is much lighter

There is nothing compared with the state of the OEM, but there is no problem in the braking performance itself, yet it is cheaper than the OEM

Aside from that, according to the information I saw somewhere, the OEMRotor of XG250 TRICKER is made by Malaysia
I think that it is considerably bargain because it is cheaper than domestic parts and OEM

Deformation due to stepping stone is scary because I do not know strength and durability, but I am satisfied with Large so far