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R-style menawarkan knalpot dan aksesoris dengan desain premium untuk sepeda motor matik dan sport BMW.

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Ulasan Produk R-style

I like the handmade feeling of welding very much!
What is worrisome is that Pipe's cutting sheath is sloppy and buffing it!
There is room for improvement.

I think installation is easy.

Overall it is making it sturdy, standing etc etc etc. Although it seems to be able to demonstrate its power, if you fall over with a high SIDE or heavily wrecking, a strong Engine Guard thinks there is a possibility to give Damage to the car body.
Choosing this Guard has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is a good choice if it can be divided as a slightly falling guard.
It is also suitable for Base attaching additional Attachment.
It looks beautiful and it feels good visual as well.

Installation is not obstacle with Hex wrench and Hexagonal Wrench.
Because there is not much gap with Handlebar, things like Large Yu Clamp
Installation position is limited.

I used it for GTL and for RTLC, this time I purchased for GSALC,
Previously it was Stainless Steel, but this time it was painted Black.
In the picture there was a color that Stainless Steel shone as it was - - -
Why is this time Black?

The price is a bit high, but how to position the mounting is very good. There is a thing that Meter can not see depending on the mobile STAND installation position, Material is made with Stainless Steel.

I used it for the Silencer connection of the year type which changed fixed method.
Just tighten the band after setting the position of the hook.

Band Ju Billy Clip does not protrude inside Screw part Spec. In Steel,
The inside is flat so the fixing power is enough. For long-term use, rust may be generated.

I tried Makeover of the long-used Exhaust System and purchased only the Silencer part for replacing it with another company's product.
In the original Silencer, Spring hook was welded to the exhaust pipe at the vertical position, so Hook is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was not possible to install the Silencer in this item, but it is easy to use Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I was able to create a new Hook in the position.
Since it is possible to install Hook in a free position, it is convenient to be able to install Spring tension with exact depth.
The only regret is that the material of Hook itself is made of iron, so in the long term use Rust is worried. It's a place where heat is applied, so if it's All Stainless, it's good.

I think that the making and usability of the product itself is good. I bought it because Bracket was damaged but when I installed it got stuck behind and became out of use. I think that Spring hook is a good item that can be attached without processing to those who absolutely need it.