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NORMAL is not suitable for Small Patterned Person I am comfortable with 165 Front's holding is different from ss by Front load It seems not to be in Motorcycle It seems not to be related so I wonder if I will be familiar with how to handle it

By attaching this Parts, the wind will not be applied directly to the hand, so the winter riding & high speed cruise will be comfortable. Since I chose Clear color, I am familiar with Motorcycle without breaking Styling.

I bought it to improve the Riding position of R1200R

It's a bit pricey, but it was with Exclusive Design
There is a sense that it can not be helped.

Although the texture of Parts is very good and not directly touchable part
The appearance is also wonderful.

However, in the fitting with the essential Handlebar
There is a gap of Large texture, is it really a vehicle type Exclusive Design?
I doubt it.. There is a gap of about 2 mm

This is Spec. Is it the street?
Sorry indeed!

I want to believe that there is no problem in practical use

I bought it to change the front axle shaft,
It was not necessary at all. Crying
On the other side, to HexagonalNut of Axle division of Front LeftFork
If you have a matching Socket, you can exchange it without any turns.
On the other hand, if you do not have it, I think that it will be necessary, but in the amount of money?
It is much cheaper to buy Hexagon socket.
Although it may be good for those who need the accompanying Bit function, Bimmy
It is a product.

Hand guard installation situation is good, it is definitely a wind blow. It is made to not hit the Cowl neatly. I like the OEM Product and I like it, I will definetly like it! I like it. It is likely to be used for a long time.

It took less than a month for delivery, but the installation precision is good and I am satisfied with Cost performance.
Equipped with Pearch's Rear Fender at the same time, Refreshing around Rear, it feels good.

Compared to Large Yu Screen, rectification effect can not be expected so much, but I chose because I did not want to break Design of Front mask.
Although the angle of the mounting hole does not match delicately, it is not bothersome if installed.
I use the attached Screw but OEMScrew is sorry that I can not reuse it because it is a good feeling, but this is not something that I care about.
On ScreenBody "S1000R" And Small have printed and are good to be Accent.

Third-party products with the same function (¥3000~¥20000) I was also considering "Caster failure" Ya "Curvature of plate part" etc. I disapproved of the opinion that it was abandoned.
I was sticking to the high price of the selling price, but I was bought here for this necessity.

There was an image carrying BMW's heavyweight Tourer in a small information source on Net, so it was one of the determination materials that I was able to relieve about "load bearing".

Since the flooring material of our usable places is Cushion floor "Caster can not move freely" There was also a concern that, in the worst case was waiting for the arrival of goods at the preparedness to change the flooring materials.

There is nothing wrong with the feeling of use after arrival because there is no problem in particular.
If it is noteworthy, "grasp the" shape of the center stand "of the car in advance and consider the standing position on The easy park stands. Is it about the attention point.
If we have the ability to read German Instruction Manual Instruction Manual, we would have written such rudimentary things.

The floor material of the site to be used is hard and flat
To the direction of the car weight of the planned use vehicle around 300 kg
It is a good item you can recommend by letting go.
(Easy Park Stand XXL in the case of more vehicle weight is called "Increasing the thickness of plate material" I think that it is better to have. )