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RaceFX menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan motor off-road dengan harga terjangkau, mulai dari sprocket, spakbor, stang, pedal, dan lain-lain. Dengan RaceFX, kini Anda bisa dengan mudah memodifikasi motor Anda!

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Cray squeaked in the Rear brake of the CRF 150R from the middle of the Race, and the braking force gradually fell down gradually. After Race I exchanged with Rear brake disc of RFX.
Touch when Brake was applied was also good, the squeaks disappeared, and it was felt that the braking power improved as well.
Cost performance from OEM Parts well ordered to exchange Front brake disc as well.

Used for HUSQVARNA TE250 2016
Quality and institution are no problem. It is more robust than OEM?
It arrived faster than I expected
Shroud's Yellow color part is matte

I placed an order, but it does not fit with the car model.
I confirmed the adaptive model, but HUSQVARNATE 250 will be compatible until 2009 through 2013
There was, so when I purchased it did not match at all.
Confirmation of adaptive car models, thank you.

Did you do this because the cheap guy was sold out?
But is it cheap at all compared with OEM?
Is the installation seemingly problematic?
I have not used it yet so I do not know how it works

Because I have not used it yet?
I do not know the extent of Brake's effect yet, but is COSPA good?
I'm looking forward to how much more I have.

Purchase for spare Wheel.
First I tried ordering around Black, but it was NEW but it was not handled and it was unable to handle it, after a month I reconfirmed after that month Green Light was orderable so I ordered before and after Rear can not be handled and this time to Cancellation, Delivery for one month or more - - -. Rear can also be ordered why two weeks later - - -. Whether inventory management has not been done or the order becomes RoseRose and it costs only commissions.
At last the goods arrived and as soon as opening, the paint painted on the outer circumference of the disc has peeled off for about 3 cm.
I did not place much importance on colors and I tried to install as it was because I did not want to take days again in exchange, but disc inner circumference (Contact surface with hub, part not visible when attached) Also paint is painted, and the paint there is too thickly that paint part interferes with the hub and can not be installed - - -.
As it can not be helped, finally cut off the inner circumference paint with Cutter.
It seems impossible to expect performance and durability at this amount.
I do not know what products can be ordered Product management, paintings painted where unnecessary, paint painted on unnecessary places, design not considering the thickness of paint, this may not be cheap for those who do not mind.
Since Bolt of installation also has a different shape, OEM's can not be used.

Wheel spacer is OEM Quantity : 2pc. Set about 5 thousand yen, but with this product you can buy it at less than 2,000 yen and below half price.
How far Blue alumite has will be used from now on to see the progress, but I think that it will come time to replace the Spacer by the time it was released.

... Although the Anodized part of the corner part was peeled off slightly from the beginning, since the product photograph also expands and it is peeling off, Spec. Is not it.

I was disappointed that the photo and the actual thing are different. In the picture SpikesPin, but the actual thing was GizaGiza of STD Shape. I'm sorry. I think that I will use it as it is because there is no problem in constructive.