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Fluorescent color is stronger than Orange of OEM, I think that goods are not bad though it was different from Image of myself.
I bought it for EXC, but Rear Fender does not have OEM Tail Lamp installation.
Please pay attention to Fender because you have to open a hole and close the Bolt. It is the same type as SX.

I bought it because the price was cheaper than those of other companies.
Using Big Li, Shroud became covered with Wound in just 20 minutes of driving.
The cause is only friction with Moto bread. Fender also got lightly bent just because it got lightly bent, so it's said that it is a cheaper one and a lifetime is shorter than that, the installation is not Assassi. I am sorry but I can not recommend it at all.

Purchased for use with DR-Z 400SM.

1. In OEM's Rear Fender I thought that the Bolt hole was available for the tool box and it was unclear
2. I had an impression of Slim compared with OEM

Although I was considering purchasing with these two points, Reviewetc. Because there is not, it is quite uneasy .... I tried purchasing never.

First of all, it does not arrive at DR - Z 400 SM without machining. Hot knifeetc. Cut is necessary in. It took about 1 hour to process. Nipperetc. But I think it will take more ....

After that, I attempted to install, but this time Bracket at RearFrame 's tool box installation position can not be installed in the way. (Rear Fender bounced up and floated)

The DR - Z of my own was originally attached to the Fender Eliminator Kit, but it was finally possible to install after considerably changing the mounting position.

At that time I noticed that the OEM was getting wider as the Bracket forced him to bend the Fender.
If I try to install it somehow using this product, it will be the same shape.

OEM Parts Number is nearly 4000 yen, this product is less than 5000 yen.
If you compare it, I think that it is ok with OEM Product who have no problem even if you open the hole.

Well, if it breaks, I think I will buy an OEM Product this time.

When changing DR - Z 400 SM to external exhaust system, the gap of Fender is considerably empty, but since this Fender is the same as the one of Racer DR - Z, I refreshed it considerably.