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RAM MOUNT menyediakan ball dan socket yang unik. Diproduksi di Amerika Serikat dengan spesifikasi yang sangat kuat, sehingga produk RAM MOUNT sangat awet dan bisa menjaga peralatan penting dengan baik. Ada banyak jenis mouting seperti baut U dan klem yang bisa dipasang di berbagai macam kendaraan seperti mobil, motor, perahu, truk dan bisa juga digunakan di tempat lain seperti di rumah dan perkantoran. RAM MOUNT dibuat dari aluminum Marine Grade yang ringan, kuat, anti karat dengan teknik pengecatan kering (kecuali untuk beberapa produk, seperti mounting dari plastik). Produk RAM MOUNT sudah diakui oleh Kantor Patent dan Merek Dagang Amerika Serikat karena performanya dan sudah dipakai untuk kegiatan militer.

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This little device may look useless and redundant at first sight. But as there are a lot of thieves from where I live and motorcycles parts are often stolen when parked on the streets, this part serves its purpose well. Basically, without the "unlocking cap", which is included with this part, it is extremely difficult to remove the locking nut. However, the downside is that without the same tool, it is close to impossible to adjust the setting of the mobile phone rack.

I lost this item during the trip. I need to order this item again. I am very glad that it is still in stock. I use it to hold the iPhone 5, which it can hold firmly. And increase confidence while traveling on different road conditions.

I would like to use the arm of the RAM MOUNT with the shortest size. In order to make my cell phone vibrate a lot. I bought this piece to replace the old one is longer. It can reduce vibration well.

Because there was a difficulty in mounting the U-shaped clamp, purchase it as an alternative option. Honestly I think that angle adjustment of the Ball part is unnecessary, but I'm glad that it was possible to install at a good angle.
After that, worry about how much vibration of SR will affect durability.

Neither Screw Mountain mm nor InchScrew came
Do not enter without Cut Screw - -
Body is attached, what is GRU going around?
Take it to the store and finally install it
Can you use it? - - - S not inclusive

I tried various ways to attach a smartphone as a navigation to a vehicle, but each one has its advantage. I use Handlebar Bracket's Screw
This product remembers even a kind of emotion in its simplicity and cleanliness.
As RAMMAUNT says that the appearance is dirty and says to the item explanation from the beginning, the finishing of the details is not done almost
There is no problem at all. It feels a little expensive in terms of price, but I am glad that the function exceeds that feeling.

Scooteretc with Cover on Handlebar. It is very convenient for.
Since it can be mounted on the reservoir Cover, it looks clean,
Because it is sturdy, you can wear a smartphone with ease.
There is also Armlock for anti-theft, so it's safe to keep it attached.

it works good perfect! 이제 거치대 그냥 놓고 가다녀도 될듯 합니다. 좋아용 배송도 저렴한걸로 했는데 생각보다 빨리 왔습니다. 물론 포장은 말할 것도 없고요. 위바이크 덕분에 용품들 저렴하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다. It is now possible to leave the cradle and leave it. Good I thought shipping was also inexpensive, but came sooner than I expected. Of course not to mention packaging. Thanks to the bikes above, I use the goods well cheaply. (Translated by google translation)