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RAMAIR adalah produsen filter udara ternama yang berbasis di Inggris. Filter udara RAMAIR diproduksi secara profesional dan telah digunakan oleh banyak racing constructor Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, dan Jaguar.

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Ulasan Produk RAMAIR

It purchased in order to use it for KEIHIN PWK28.
It was decided that expectation could be brought to the merit of sound of the name of RAMAIR, and the reasonably priced engine performance.
The comment which look at thing thought that structure was bad considering the height of a price.
Why it being this much expensive and an understanding are impossible.
It is on a satisfying level about an engine-performance side.
It seems that suction efficiency is quite good.
However, in proportion to it, a suction noise is also loud.
The sticker of RAMAIR is also sorry about having been slightly cheap.

In CB400Four NC36, it has attached by normal cab + funnel specification.

Initially, I attached K & N Filter but dropped out by weight.
I am using VMR 22 because I am using JAZZ's JUN International's BV 96.
Clearly there is no resistance than K & N, Jet's ProductNo has become a big deal.
Of course the power went up, too..
But talk about Oil without compressing it.
Large Yeah, I do not want to enter the Garbage so dry enough.
This is not as heavy as K & N, and it sucks and even if the shape is distorted it can be installed so that the effect is absolutely Large.

I think that it is a standard item of automobile inspection.
Since TreatmentOil is pretty sticky, hands are sticky at the time of wearing or washing unless measures are taken well.
Wonder if the price is quite expensive .... Performance is satisfactory!

Although re-purchased to FCR, if there is a Space of carburetor back, the direction made from K&N will think that it is good.
When it was used in several years, the Sponge became tattering and became anxious with whether it inhales in an Engine.

It exchanges for a FCR carburetor and is already half a year.
Since the urban area had been run than before more often although it was air funnel specification, they were some worries in the meantime.
While running the side of the truck one day, deep-black exhaust gas whether did the truck lower the gear and instigated the axel.
After going home, when wiping the face suddenly, the influence of exhaust gas or the wiped-off cloth was black too, and it thought this is in big trouble too, and placed an order instantly.
The comment of the moment of having arrived and touching goods were just the touch it obtains ....
And it can filter exhaust gas truly... It was a question very much with ?. [ such free ] [ sponge ]
It hardly took the working hours of attachment.
It has not taken 10 minutes.
if oil is applied too much, a finger will be alike all over and will just be going to become as notes when attaching.
We recommend you to work with an attached vinyl glove attached.
It is touch of if appearance has the part effect although it became quite awkward.
Although it thinks that this price is honestly high as goods like such sponge, it seems whether to be parts which will buy it if it can be businesslike for protection of an engine, and do not have loss.

Since two pieces are although purchased to FZ750, it is tight in a wallet.
I would like you to make it a little cheaper, considering a raw material.
It cannot ride on a rainy day.

Since it thought how funnel nakedness was on mental health, it purchased.
The merit of the suction efficiency in comparison with a power filter and maintenance nature is pleasing.
I think that a hand may not become dirty easily at the time of carburetor removal if it turns over and oil is applied inside.