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RAPiD BIKE menawarkan fuel injection controller berperforma tinggi, ramping, dan kedap air. Dirancang khusus untuk racing dan track riding, RAPiD BIKE dapat meningkatkan kemampuan motor Anda berkali-kali lipat.

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I tried it because OEMExhaust System also plagued with After Fire at AxelOff. Since it is different from Sub computer, there was a doubt about the effect, but there is an effect. There is almost no problem in the setting of Instruction Manual. After that it changed to Ducati Parformans' Racing Exhaust System, but it is nearly Large durable without ECU exchange. It seems that after Fire has become somewhat easier to go out so I think I will make it thicker than the standard setting. I think that it is convenient for slightly darkening the fuel which became thin by replacing exhaust gas countermeasure or exhaust system replacement rather than performance improvement.

Body connection is easy enough to connect Coupler Spec.. However, Wiring of Motorcycle Body was too tight in the Frame, because the Coupler was caught up and I could not pass through it, I was struggling. Silicon spray Fully I have to slip it all in one place. After wearing, in actual impressions, I was not able to feel much change. I wonder if After Fire has decreased somewhat?. It was expensive shopping.. It may be good to adjust various things in the future, but it is troublesome to open and adjust the lid one by one and make sure by running it.

I installed it in 2017 Yamaha SR 400 FI. At first I attempted to work without removing the tank, but my hands did not get in the gap, I removed the tank without help, stopped the Harness exactly with Tie Wrap, worked carefully so as not to be damaged by the heat of the Engine. AfterBurn also gone, Idling's sound is also powerful, acceleration is also powerful and satisfying. I do not know because fuel consumption has not yet been measured, but I think that it is certain that it is not getting better.

【vehicle inspection】
I attempted to go through the inspection on the vehicle inspection, I passed without problems. Motorcycle passed, 11 years exhaust Gas (Legal regulations are loose) , Catalyst of Other Brand Product (Good performance of catalyst) Because of the condition that it is unknown whether other Motorcycle will pass as well. However, as the sales agent of this part has appealed to Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, why do not people of the User Assessment School try it?

Because of CouplerON, installation is very easy. Because our Motorcycle parts are equipped with Grounding Wire, we dropped it from Tired Lamp's Grounding Wire. Where to place Body is a point that suffers from Motorcycle individually. It is a waterproof compliant product, but I think you should avoid places that are subject to water.

It is the part that adjusts Volume without contact and issues Setting. By doing this adjustment finely, you can set your preference. I am fine-tuning Memory further to fine-tune like the photo. Also, adjustment dial and operation confirmation LED can not be adjusted when the lid is closed ? What I can not see is MinusPoint. Furthermore, it is troublesome to remove the lid with a Screw clasp. We adjusted by attaching Small window ? Improve it so that it can be checked.

Recent bike (My bike has fallen by 10 years ? ? ? ), Exhaust gas response ? With improved fuel economy, the low fuel economy in the low revolution range is weak and the torque shortage can not be denied. It is a good part to improve here. However, ? If you want to improve the high rev range, this part is inadequate. Since this part makes the fuel concentration rich over the whole area, when setting is done with low rotation, ? Dissatisfies with the feeling that the high rotation is too dark. Although it can not be said that all the motorcycles will be like this, it is better to think that it is a part that improves the feeling of gyroschek in the low revolution range, I would recommend it to those who want to improve here. If you want more than this, I'd recommend wearing more solid, subcontact, full control.

Purchase by just the information written in the image and the netShopping gap Punctured image resolution I felt like a way of selling Resolution fraudulent smell
It might be my own thought, but the texture of Aluminum wind body of Silver lame was disappointing
Moreover, things with items that can not be returned

I felt that Torque had dropped a bit at Slip-on Silencer of SCP Project, so I bought it to correct the fire.

1, Torque feeling Up
2, reduction of emblem
3, Reduction of unpleasant mechanical sound in low speed region of Kawasaki car specific?

10R ride is better "I seem to have changed from Kawasaki to Honda" It was reviewed as it was, but it was true..

I felt that Torque fell slightly with the Slip-on Silencer installed, so I bought it after investigating the fire condition etc.

In purchasing, I reviewed the review of this site.

First of all, about Torque feeling, same as OEM. I felt it was coming back to me.

As you probably know, FOR JAPAN MODEL's Motorcycle is exhaust gas regulation, so it seems to have lost fuel.
In addition to this, when switching to Slip-onExhaust System etc., it is likely that Torque will fall slightly because of its slimness because it will largely increase in diameter. (Pang Pang Ringing)

So, I wanted to compensate for the original ideal air conditioning.
The effect,
1, Torque feeling Up
2, the emblem gets lighter
3, Engine's condition clearly looks good (Strongly turning, stable feeling Idling)
Kawasaki's ZX 10R ride is better for Review "It seems I changed from Kawasaki to Honda" Although it was posted, "Really so true" was.
Kawasaki car specific? "Gow fish, rattling machine sound" But "Reduce" , Smooth low speed, the quiet stability feeling of the run is as if "Honda's CB system" It became sound and feel.
I do not know about fuel economy yet, "Eco" You can do a street ride with Lamp displayed, "Will it be better?" Even if it is bad "It is the same as before" I think.
There is no complaint if it changes only by this price.

MONSTER S2796 was easy to ride with dunktu in ducati I got on until now but when I got tired, I was getting worried about the feeling of gyroscope and I got tired after riding. I was also thinking of transferring to a honest and comfortable Motorcycle due to age
796 changed Sprocket and made it much easier, but I made it a little better and tried replacing it if not, I tried attaching Rabbit Motorcycle this time
Coupler was Large The Wiring process was Large strange but as soon as we started running it became Motorcycle which can ride as normal!
I also ran a small local road I did not run before but it became pretty Smooth
Although I spent 30,000 yen, I did not replace Motorcycle. Recommendation is for those who are tired of slow speed!