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RAYBRIG mendominasi pasar bohlam untuk lampu kendaraan roda empat. RAYBRIG juga dipercaya oleh banyak tim balapan ketahanan karena bohlam RAYBRIG terkenal awet dan tahan lama.

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The color which surely is felt bright also becomes more whitish than normal.
Harnesses are exchanged, or a boosting performance can be carried out simply and conveniently rather than raising the quantity of light using a relay.
Considering the price of normal, it is a somewhat complicated feeling.

It attached to barius (A1).
Since it was pure from 06' model of II and having become a multi-reflector and the lens cut were old.
The dress-up effect up is large.
An impression changes clearly.
Moreover, more than it expected, the spread of the lateral irradiation range was large.
it is certain that a pedestrian and a bicycle appear easily -- it is .
Since attached efficient halogen does not feel brightness in color so much, it is considered whether to be good to exchange for other MONO.
Since it thought that the clear was brighter with whose blue having been a little higher, it was not blue and made it the clear.
We can recommend this rightly to you.
It is charm that there are also many vehicle types which can be attached.

Since it was the same as CB400SF, it attached to CB1000SF.
It is [ Do blue? ] and appearance is also a beauty, and unlike the Chinese cheap article multi-reflector which it compares, learns from a thing, is [ Forge fire ] bright, and is commonly referred to as pure, a little lenses can carry out well setting out also of the optical axis, and are parts [ recommend / we / you ].
(Kana ? in which a few became in the style [ these days ] of a motorcycle now as for my CB)

Since a position lamp is in the same housing as a headlight and became a high fever extremely, the white wedge was looked for not by LED but by the incandescent lamp.
It was able to unite with the color of the headlight instead of the color which is yellowish unlike an original manufacturer's product well.

Due to the structure of the car model, because it is difficult to make LED and HID, we chose this product We chose this product because we were using this Manufacturer's products so we thought it was reliable.
It is as expected in terms of performance, I think that it can not be helped but it will be saved if there is more durability.

Today at around this time it has become a middle-aged and night driving has become hard to see - - -
I was looking for a bright and easy-to-see Valve because I pass a dark back street.
Color of other Manufacturer : Yellow series Halogen bulb 2 types,
Same Manufacturer LED Bulbetc. S - - -

As a result, this is innocent and easy to see and bright!
Satisfied with light distribution and Cutline!
High beam also looks far away. (It is not ratio of LED)
In the case of MAJESTYS, this was the best.
The price is also cheap..

Although attached to the rear carrier at the time of purchase, RIA becomes heavy with movable load, and it is bolt fixation to a rear seat about purchase and a krauser universal adapter at a low price in a used rear seat by an auction.
Only by Locke of the key of a rear seat, since it is uneasy, it is used by a belt, fixing.
Capacity is enough although it swerved from the talk.
If a lid is opened, the belt of a rubber is in the bottom and a top and it can put a load into them independently.
Waterproofness is enough.
Although run in heavy rain for about 1 hour, he had no trace which permeated inside.
Kana which it and a key cannot insert easily just for a moment (--)

My own bike is a winker and a taillight LED, but the headlight of the key was feeling cheap compared to the latest domestic big bike with the halogen. The sphere light LED is used satisfactorily with other motorcycles, but this time a slightly profitable Stanley electric made in terms of price "Leibrig" I tried it.. The lighting unit I was worried somehow fell within the headlight cowl. Whiteness and brightness are not ratios of pure halogen balls. Because it is a part involved in safety, even if the new car price rises slightly, such a good thing wants you to wear genuine from the beginning. Since the position ball was made into an LED at the same time as the head light (Wedge type made by Valenti) , The sense of unity is also perfect.