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RC Koshien

RC Koshien memproduksi knalpot kualitas terbaik "Hitman Series" untuk model motor Yamaha. Knalpot Hitman mengkhususkan produksinya pada peningkatan performa dan knalpot yang ringan.

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Buy Hook bolt because there is a possibility that Bolt will remain at the time of fall. One reason for purchasing the point that it is not vulgar color like other Manufacturer. There is no problem with the texture of parts as well as the feeling of use. However, there is a need to separately purchase a durable VPlate receiver, and it is the only difficulty for this to have a good price. Other than that it is a good product with no complaints.

Since it is just going to concern with an engine, it is as a thing of there there.

Design, Large Kid, usability is very good. However, sewing was bad and there was fray of thread at several places. In the worst part, the thread melted and the hole was empty. It is the 4th day of use. It was stupid to believe KTC's Brand, I knew Made in China construction, but I would not inspect it. We do not purchase tools either.. Design, feeling of use, disappointing for good usability.

Familiar with Size being appropriate. It is reliable use feeling. It's safe because Socket will not fall. I am loading in Box in Motorcycle.

It is essential Items for Plug exchange of NC 30. Because it fixes the plug with magnetic force, it is useful for situations where maintenance is bad like V type Engine. Also, because of the 9 and 5 sockets, it was easy to install on the Torque wrench on hand when tightening. The texture is also satisfactory.

CBR600RR I bought it with the plug-in replacement of 2013, but since the thicker one of the plug wrench is bigger than the hole of the plug and it does not reach the plug, I could not use it after all.

Although I was prepared for looking at the Review of the other person and making it terrible, I did not think that it was here (Lol)

I do not have an Instruction Manual, but I think that it is possible to install it if you are a regular maintenance person.
However, making the product is too severe. In the part I noticed immediately after looking at the packaging

- I do not have BALI
- Painting is insufficient, some parts where paint is not placed


"It's as much as you saw in Review at this point, and it will still be installed." I thought, I did not return, but from here it was hell.

First of all, installation of lights, Number is necessary processing. Position of the hole, Large size was not matched, so it could not be installed.
After, the number and types of attached Nuts are strange. The number of Nuts with loosening prevention was insufficient and normal Nut was misunderstood.

I managed to install it somehow, but I was able to get a sense of satisfaction somehow, but I think that it seems to be painful as thinking it is easy because it is exclusively for a car model like me, so I will recommend other Manufacturer.

You probably will not purchase items here.
Maybe I just pulled Hap Gap this time. So it would not be the same thing in the future, I do not want you to improve Shop's feeling the same as myself, so I will leave it as Review.

For reference degree Number attached angle was measured by the application of smaho was about 60 °.
Since I think that Parenthesis is nice if you can install it, those who have courage definitely

No. From 38... When will it be No. Thinking that 39 will come out and watching Webike... Early if you're out! I ordered with immediate effect!