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Ibuy it because it on sale. so I try this one. When I receive it. I feel it is heavy, the condition is good. it is very beautiful. I like it very much.

I have not fallen yet, so I do not know the strength, but I think Cospa is good.
However, if you wear OffBoots and step on Brake pedal you surely interfere with the Guard below.
Of course, Brake can stepping on, but it will be interfered one by one.
Ordinary Boots may be Large sturdy.

Please note that in the conformance chart described in the Catalog, MONSTER S2796 is not fitted together with Shaft length both before and after.. Since Front interferes with Axle, Shaft length is not enough in reverse.

MT-07 (2018) A ride. There was no problem with the installation of this product. However, the cap cover of the hexagonal screw that fixes and fixes the product was not included. Inquiries, about 3 weeks waited for the answer "Although the front has a cap, since the size of the left and right screws are different, the cap is not originally attached because it is the rear" And.... Hmm?... It was that kind of feeling. If my eyes are decent, the product picture has a cap attached. What's more, what's included in the same product for the front for accessories and for rear for not included? "Takaka cap is about" Did it seem so?. There is no item that is supposed to be there.... Although there was sense of incongruity in answer content, I thought that there was no decent answer, no correspondence, I give up more than this. Even if it is a product made in a foreign country, how about just passing along the answer received from the manufacturer.... However, indeed I am sorry if there was no cap for the rear, so I think if you can post the presence or absence of the screw cap cover included with other MT-07 rides purchased this product. I think the product itself is a good one.

It is Xake Wash with XSR 900 (RN 46J type) I used it. Since Base is MT - 09, it can be attached without any problem.
As for the effect, it can not be confirmed because it is the product whose true value is demonstrated only after falling over. As much as it does not happen to the extent that it exerts its effect ^ ^;

If it raises the difficulty strongly, the Nut for installation is 13 mm Nut which is not much used in domestic cars. I hope I had it, but some people do not have it ~.

The length of Shaft? Is not at all (Lol)
There are around 35, but in fact it is 30?.

I bought only Shaft at the nearby Home center
It looks like Fashion

Radiator Water pump, etc. It seems to be protected if it is a minor fall, but it is not uncommon though Engine Guard ... I personally recommend it

There are few alternatives for DCT.
Installation is not difficult, but anyway Engine Mount's Bolt is hard!
Since it is burned by heat and fixed, we recommend spraying penetrant beforehand
Double-end WrenchQuantity : I pushed with limbs using 2pc and got relaxed
Temporarily assembled and noticed but close to Filter lid for DCT
Circular Rubber is attached but Rubber can not be turned on as Filter lid can not be removed.
Although there are pictures in the instruction manual, Bolt which removes it because there is no instruction particularly with arrows
It was hard to understand.
It is more efficient to leave NORMAL's Under Guard first.
I watched it in other people's videos but because the wall thickness of the overhang of the engine is thin
It seems that there is a hole in SlipDown at the riverbed gravel.
It was helpful for LowerGuard selection criteria this time.
It is Large enough that you can go home and move home. The price is also cheaper than other manufacturers and it is saved