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REAL BALANCE adalah produsen spesialis rearset kit berkualitas tinggi untuk NSR250, CBR250RR, Ninja100, dan lain-lain. Rearset buatan REAL BALANCE sangat cocok bagi Anda yang ingin posisi riding balap lebih mantap.

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There is no problem making the parts themselves.
But when it is Silver anodized it seems that the footpeg is floating, so I attached it after Black Anodized processing. I think that it is good to choose Silver and Black.
At the same time, it installed the Normal step Kit of Option, so it looks NORMAL to see it, but now the heel does not ride on the Exhaust System and the ankle Grip is made possible.
However, because there is no assembly Manual or Position explanation, it was difficult to install as troublesome.
Also, there was a note to interfere with Side Stand, but I'm not sure how it will interfere.
There was no problem at all in us.

It purchased in order to hear the congestion information of a highway radio, etc.
I think that the die length and texture of a cable are also good.

I bought it by exchange as the fallopeg had bent.
Originally REAL BALANCE's Rear Sets were attached from the time I bought it in second hand, so the installation itself was easy
Position can also be selected from 4 places Material is also Aluminum I think that it is good as Cost performance
As a point of concern, it says that it is difficult to understand a slightly attached Instruction Manual and that Brake pedal needs some processing
I think that it is very good for those who want to enjoy a wide range of street rides to Circuit

My Motorcycle (Kawasaki - Zr - 7) had OEM 's footpeg in a very low position, Corona and the tip of Shoes sometimes grounded on the road, so I wanted to improve, so I bought this kit. Since Zr-7 is out of print car and sold in few models, only the items listed here can be found in the dedicated Footpeg Kit. As many people wrote, Brand's footpeg diverts Pedals to OEM, so the price is kept low. I asked Motorcycle shop for installation. You can choose from 2 Position, but I am using it in the Large Yu person of the movement amount. Although it is long in the beginning of using, the use impression is good, the product itself is not cheap.

Microphone is quite compact so Air ductetc. It can be embedded without harming the function of (Installed) It is very nice to be able to do it.
It seems that sound quality is higher than that of Standard Type even though performance has become Compact so much. (Touring friends talk)

It is cheaper than other Manufacturer's items, and for myself 167 cm,
The footpeg position is also exactly good feeling. Installation was able to be installed more difficult than I expected. I also enjoyed making one run fun.

I use it without commuting, shopping even if I do not care.
Sometimes it slips a bit when loading with the tip of the OEM footpeg.
This is pretty bizarre..
Since the footpeg position is not complacent enough to use Rear Sets, when recommending only footpeg replacement is recommended.
When stopping it is convenient for something a paying ceremony.

Well, footpeg skiing is probably the most reason why the bottom of Riding shoes is wearing a lot of wear - - -
Currently used Shoes are familiar with the foot
Correspond with footpeg exchange.
It is cheaper than exchange Shoes.

I recently improved the vibration of Ducati so much that I do not mind it without Rubber (Personal impression).

Purchase as a vibration measure of Handlebar
It is certainly heavy. Ultra heavyweight
Vibration is alleviated somewhat but there is no dramatic change.
The shape is simple, but it is made carefully. The OEM is hanging Screw Lock so change it at the shop.