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Real Rider

Sepatu boots riding produksi Real Rider dirancang untuk balapan motor dan juga untuk memudahkan Anda saat kegiatan sehari-hari. Sepatu boots riding Real Rider sangat direkomendasikan tidak hanya untuk touring tapi juga untuk bepergian.

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Ulasan Produk Real Rider

Since I also purchased a difference of Size before and was not dissatisfied, I additionally purchased it accompanying an increase in car.
Unfortunately, there was a defect that Buckle holding the hem part was loose and the lock would be unlocked immediately.

I thought it was okay for me to purchase it.
I was worried about Size but I think I'm Large more than my own Size I always wear.
Once you remove the ankle strap and keep Velcro fully open and you can not put Tan in the front, you can not wear it, Tan has two elongated Rubber elongation, so it's getting worse to wear it.
Because I was concerned about Size, (It was sold out) I phoned, but it was not solved so I bought it at another store.

CB400SF (NC41) I purchased this item because I wanted to lock the rear wheel of my car from the top of Cover.
In common U-shaped Lock, we could not lock the rear wheels.
It was possible to lock it without problems with this Wide U Lock.

There is also for crime prevention, but in addition to that, wind measures is one of the objectives,
My parking lot is just the place where the wind blows through, the back turns up by the wind,
Even more severe it seems Cover was hitting the Alarm lock attached to the front wheel,
I decided to lock the rear wheel and Cover.

The key of this lock is a Dimple key.
I thought that it was a cheap but large lot.
Depending on the lock, there was only one cutout,
I am relieved. (Excessive expectations are forbidden)

I am satisfied because I fulfilled the intended function.

I was searching for cheap and comfortable items. So far I was wearing Sneakers because I am on a Scooter, but I bought it to protect the ankle from entering the cold wind from the hem. I'd like to quit with Magic tape, but it is not easy except for Gap. The comfort is good.. I think that you will get used to it while using it.

Komine's BK 067 / Toe for BK 068 Slider "05-073 (BK-073)" Although it looked similar in appearance to the image, I tried to buy it for trial, but the material was also exactly the same shape, the material decreased, the level was not known the difference Level.
Here you can purchase one by one so you might as well buy this as you need.
Just like the picture, ScrewQuantity : Only 2pc is attached. (Komine's belongs also comes with Washer)
If you buy both you will be slightly more expensive.

I think that it has sufficient performance with respect to price.
I think it is weak because the fabric is thinner than the same Brand Normal item, but it will not crash even if it is used for 2 years.
It's not Completely Waterproof, but I'm satisfied enough.
I would like to use it again in Repeat.

It is very solid and makes heavy weight just right.. I do not think any tool will be destroyed. Now you can lock the Tire and you will not be stolen!

I feel Size is bigger than Boots of other Manufacturer. However, although the entrance is narrow and slightly inconvenient, I think that Large is durable because it can be adjusted with Velcro. Those who purchase, I think that a trial is good if possible.