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Realize unggul dalam pembuatan knalpot untuk skutik hingga motor super sports. Knalpot buatan Realize mengunakan titanium super ringan yang membantu menurunkan bobot motor sekaligus meningkatkan performa mesin.

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리얼라이즈 제품이라 퀄리티가 좋습니다 소리성향은 중저음인데 듣기좋습니다 배송은 한달 조금더 걸렸고 세관에서 간이통관으로 조금 지체되었네요 인천보다 많이 느립니다 일단 외관은 스텐레스 제질이고 광택이납니다 촉매 미포함입니다 구변받으시려면 머플러 가공이 필수입니다 퇴계로 제트무라에서 촉매 장착했습니다 Quality is good because it is a realized product The sound propensity is low and low The delivery took a little longer a month It's a little bit delayed by the simple customs clearance. Much slower than Incheon Once appearance is stainless steel and polished Without catalyst Muffler processing is necessary to be able to be deflected We were equipped with catalyst in jet mura by Toegye translated by google translate

It is exchange from a normal muffler.
Form is set to CF70-300xxx.
By attached stay, since the attachment nut and silencer of the Sas lower part hit when Sas sinks, attachment is extended outside with the long nut which is 30 mm.
Although a tandem step is a normal higher vehicle, I have exchanged them with a grinding sound.
Others are satisfactory to attachment.
Although an engine is kitaco 88cc, since an omission is good, after changing setting of a carburetor, affinity also becomes good (comparison with normal) and it turns around it just to up.
Tone quality thinks that sound volume cares a little by a low-pitched sound twist in the residential street at night.

Since the warpage of Flange of Exhaust pipe is severe, when asking for replacement, as a result of the actual car test, you can not get the exchange corresponded with good points of good quality, (test description explanation none) There is no choice but how to attach this is bad, etc. Comments are added!. I will not buy it again..

Even from a safety standpoint I think there is an exchange system for the exhaust. On the contrary, I'm driving Car and I am aware of where Motorcycle is located.
I feel that sound quality is 250ccClass with bass emphasis. I surely power up more than Normal muffler. Average fuel economy is 47 ~ 48 km / L and good.
If there is only a tool you can install it as individual Large durable. However, when the Normal muffler was removed, the Screw was hard, and the Under Cowl was easier to work by removing. If you remove four Screws, it will come off. Regarding the installation of the thermal sensor, be careful about twisting the cord.

It is expensive, but the color tastes great Beauty, sound quality volume with with Baffle is satisfactory enough. I do not think that the sound quality is bass and Torque is falling down. Although I was only one person to install, the accuracy of construction was good and it was possible without any problem at all.

It looks pretty, it feels good. It's reasonable bass. Since it has a baffle, it became a sound close to the OEMExhaust System when attached. I am off now..
The engine stopped at the start is gone. After that the Response at high rotation got better. I think the medium speed is about the same as OEM.

Four months have passed since installation.
First, regarding installation,
No matter how many times we aligned it is impossible for an exhaust pipe
It may take a long time to use. Since the flange is also inferior in punching accuracy, it is warped, so a burden is placed on the stud bolt when tightening, since the state where the Nut bearing surface is hit is also bad, the tightening feeling is not good. Moreover, the silencer insertion part also loosened about 2 months because there is no strength, and the silencer got rattled.
As for countermeasures, accuracy of exhaust pipe can be welded by occupational handle, so it was cut and fixed. In the plug-in part, put a notch in the side of the silencer and tightened with the muffler band of Keijima. Those who have an environment to process can take measures, but it is natural to not be able to process normally, so those who are bought need preparedness. It may be that I happened to have dropped out, but in general the manufacturer here thinks that accuracy is not good.
Performance is power down, saying clearly with a ponding because performance is lost and low speed is lost for this hand. We set up Daytona's exhaust interference type inner silencer in an exhaust pipe and replaced the 58 pie baffle with the attached baffle to be satisfied with both volume and performance.
Even from the viewpoint of cost, since it became more than the list price for processing and purchasing additional parts, I think that if it is price as low as Yahoo auction's low price muffler, I can compromise. Honesty
I think that there is no difference between Yahoo auc low price muffler and precision texture.

I installed it in APE 50FI
It was with for Carburetor, but GasketQuantity : 2pc. I went by setting.
However, when you try to attach it by Up type, you will need to add it to where the OEMExhaust System was stopped