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REMUS merupakan produsen knalpot motor dan mobil. Sejak awal berdiri, REMUS memproduksi knalpot high-performance dengan kualitas suara dan performa terbaik sebagai pertimbangan serius bagi konsumen. Anda bisa menemukan knalpot yang cocok untuk kendaraan Anda.

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Speaking of Rninet's external exhaust system, it is also a Dealer option "AKRAPOVIC" It is a classic, but dare there "REMUS" Purchase.
Easy to install due to Slip-on Silencer.
The sound after exchange is also good with Punch.
The delivery was also a satisfying shopping that arrived earlier than the original guidance.

There is no place to worry about the installation and there is no place that needs strength
It is similar to OEM exchange
I think that sound quality is quieter than NORMAL if you keep Baffle attached
It is a feeling that the bass does not echo as much as the capacity becomes smaller
I am removing Baffle but it is not as bad as it sounds like a bang, and it's too badly low
I am quite satisfied..

Is it a plain appearance that you are dissatisfied with?
Perhaps everyone except me thinks it is Normal muffler w

It is sound → https : / / www. youtube. com / watch?v=9d5N1vJRzOQ

It was cheaper than looking at other Mail order sites, so delivery was also earlier than planned, so it was good. Installation was easy because it was Slip-on Silencer. Whee Big is a Manufacturer direct sale, but since Wae Big sells, I was able to wait with peace of mind.

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