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RENTHAL mengutamakan prinsipnya pada detail, kualitas, mesin dan semua elemen kendaraan tanpa terkecuali. Stang off-road RENTHAL mendapatkan kepercayaan tertinggi dari para pengendara motocross.

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我的胡思瓦娜已经好久每骑过了,之前由于传动部件不好找,将它放在车库大半年了。现在新齿盘到了以后,马上为它复活,试试效果。出去骑了两圈感觉整台车都回复到以前巅峰的状态~这个周末可以跟车友们一起跑山路越野啦! My Huswana has been riding for a long time. Before the transmission parts were not easy to find, I placed it in the garage for half a year. Now that the new gear has arrived, immediately resurrect it and try the effect. Going out for a ride for two laps, I feel that the whole car has returned to the peak of the previous peak~ This weekend, I can run the mountain road off-road with the riders!(translated by Google Translator)

Recently I only got in Touring-like applications so I wanted a thing with a high Handlebar position and a strong drawing, I bought 5 Handlebar.

Initially ZOTA CX MOTARDMedium, then CX MX - 412, the third one ZETA COMPGT 80, and RENTHAL 693 Quantity : I bought 2pc.

RENTAL 1 pc Eye fails Throttle's anti-rotation drill and same thing as Quantity : 2 pc I bought it.

Zeta's CX and RENTHAL, Aluminum's material is probably 7010T6's thing, but when drilling with Drill, RENTHAL was overwhelmingly hard. Was the film of Anodized stiff?

ZETA's COMP was fairly soft feeling.

Bent condition is slightly narrower than OEM, height is about + 10 mm, pull is about 10 mm in front, good Sitting priority Position without elbow.

Wire, Harness is NORMAL and Large is durable.

The other three types of ZETA Handlebar are Wire, Harness is NORMAL and Large is durable.

This time the pull to the front is Large, so I had the least room in changing it up to now.

I put an image but I do not think it is a bit confusing, but Handodbar's own Anodized, Laser print Logo, Surface Sandblast processing overwhelmingly texture is good. I thought about returning to MX - 412 of CX with 1 pc eye drilling failure, but I bought another one for the goodness of RENTHAL 's texture.

Is BraceClamp cooler than ZETA.

I do not attach a bar pad every time. When I had KLX, when I was going to a forest road I was wearing it, but now it is MOTARD and it is only pavement Touring so it is not necessary. Although it is the best reason that Key is difficult to insert.

I think that the speed of correspondence of Webike's product shipping is also wonderful.

Overall good shopping was made.

He is 170 cm 70 kg, hands and legs are short but I bought crf 250 l type LD and ran around 800 km with Normal handle and changed it to this Handlebar. Since the hand is short, I got a forward bending attitude in Normal handle and I wanted to bring Handlebar a little bit in front and attached this Handlebar. Drilling is necessary, but installation was easy. Various Wire, Harness classes can stay as it is. Strength, etc. are not yet understood for a long period of use, but I think that the interior is thicker than NORMAL so it is good.

RC in klx 250 / I installed KAWASAKI.
I was planning to make ZETA's COMP in terms of being able to attach, but purchasing this with gambling because the color I wanted was out of stock.
Although I had prepared for various wire exchanges, I was able to attach a pon with no problems with the shape which is almost the same as OEM if it arrived. There is just a bit higher height than the OEM, the aperture is shallow.

I felt it running, after all, Handling got lightened. Just being on a ride makes it fun. Corner and UTurn are also Lunulun.
I was worried about vibration due to weight loss of Handlebar, but I was not at all worried. Is this neighborhood an individual difference?.

By the way, the Bar pad received what RENTHAL is surrounded by Red. It is different from the image of Sample, but I liked this person so it is pretty a result.

It is rather expensive than the one of ZETA, but personally it was a product satisfying Large.
It will be durable in Large even if it is cockled with this!

It installed in 17CRF 250L. I need to drill two places, but I opened with a 5 mm diameter Drill at the Large body. Cable and others can be installed without problems as OEM. One thing that was sent to me by Bar pad is BlackRed though it was BlackWhite in the picture. Buyer can only judge on that picture, so I wanted the explanation properly. (I wanted BlackWhite - - - )

My Full size XG 250 TRICKER is exchanged for this Handlebar.
Renthal's TRIALHandlebar has several different heights, but Full size XG 250 TRICKER has the lowest of 4. It was recommended by Motorcycle shop that 5-inches is good.
(SEROW, Full size XG 250 TRICKER is a famous shop. )
When the height of the Handlebar was too much, it was that it was difficult for the holders to get used to turns, such as Hill climb on off-road driving.
When Klx 125 was also equipped with Renthal's Handlebar and failed at Hill climb and Motorcycle fell off the slope, the angle of the Handlebar turned GRU from Clamp and the Handlebar itself did not bend at all did.

I purchased it while watching other people 's impressions, but Size, texture is quite satisfying. However, because I chose Soft Type (Soft, Full waffle. Since it was a choice from color it became Soft?) Durability may be problematic?. (Because it is pretty funnya) But even if this becomes useless it is either buying this or trying Diamond type.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Design was good and because it was a product that could make a coloring custom.

【How was it actually used?】
Normal handle will interfere with Cable.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Nothing in particular.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I would like Color Variation and Pattern to be increased.

【Have you compared items?】

It is a classic Dress-up parts.

Because I wanted to make it Black & Gold absolutely, I painted a character part by masking it.
I was able to go to a satisfactory finish although it is a hentax..

Around lonely Handlebar, it got tight..

There seems to be some people who care about the Cost side, but it is a good Dress-up parts that anyone can satisfy.

If you get lost, there is no mistake in Renthal.