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REV'IT! menawarkan berbagai pakaian riding berkualitas tinggi yang dibuat dengan teknologi terbaru, bahan terbaik, dan mampu memberikan perlindungan berkendara yang mumpuni. Jaket, celana, dan sarung tangan dari REV'IT! sengaja dirancang untuk menyesuaikan jenis motor anda mulai dari motor adventure, sports, retro, dan skutik.

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Brand of Netherlands, but the making is solid and the fabric is not cheap.

It feels a bit tough because it is for Adventure. Especially because Waist is thick, there is no lightness compared with comfortable Mesh Pants.

The price is reasonable but the texture that is reasonable and the making of Pads are solid.
FOR JAPAN MODEL Brand 's thing is cheap and easy Pad, but price goes down.

I like the appearance, I purchased it. It is a bit expensive,
At the time of installation, when using the attached Bond, it dried immediately and the edge of Pad could not be successfully stuck.
I think I will buy a Double-sided Tape at home center and repaste it. (I should have done this from the beginning)

However, it looks like SR 400. It's thick, easy to kneep Knee. That is satisfactory.

I was wearing KIJIMA's Knee Grip Pad but the thickness of the product was about 5 mm, Knee grip was not made unless I was always conscious, so buy this thicker product.
Although it is quite thick like the photo, Knee always touches Pad as long as it straddles in a natural posture, and there is no need to forcibly knee grip.
This time it is saved because Fuel Tank's coldness is not conveyed to Knee.
Because the price is somewhat higher, ★ has decreased by one.

ESTRELLA 's Tank was narrowed considerably toward the Seat side, and in NORMAL state it was a little difficult to get on.. When we installed this product, Knee grip became much easier.
It's thick and soft so it feels good.
Because it is a Universal Product, I do not think that it is Just fit in Tank shape, but I think that there is enough Classical atmosphere than thinner products of other companies.
The price is a little expensive, but there is no choice other than that, so it can not be helped.
This time, since there was no glue that was supposed to be included, 100 Sponge Double-sided Tape for the time being (Super strong type) I pasted it with a width of 15 mm.

168 cm 68 kg I usually wear M Size.
I purchased M Size, but it looks a little bigger than the Just size. (Foreign Size?)

I think that those of about 172 cm 72 kg are just right.

I ran for 2 hours early in the morning at a temperature of around 10 ° C, but I did not feel any cold at all. Some of Uniqlo's HeatTECQuantity : 1pc. is. It is enough for Autumn-Winter-Spring 3 Season.

If you are over 20 ℃ during the day, take Inner.
I used it even in a state of low rain, but it is not water repellent.
Heavy rain will be impossible.

Besides, I had a Mesh jacket, but in the summer it looks like black Jacket is so hot that I found it when I was looking for a design based on White based on White.

Because it is not a full Mesh, I also thought that it would be tough at temperatures above 30 ° C, but there is no problem as long as I run.
(In other words, there are somewhat strict things in the city full of traffic)
shoulder - On the elbow, Knocks' CE Standard compliant Protector is built in.
There is an optional Protector on the back, but when purchasing it must pay attention to model number and Size.
Also, as it is common with Rebuilt products, please be careful as there is no setting of Chest Protector.
(I am trying to add a little hand so that another company Protector can be installed)

It is Neck that you do not have Chest Protector settings and you need to purchase Back Protector separately, but I think that you buy Design that is not in FOR JAPAN MODEL Brand.
Although it is a digression, since Belt which can be linked with Jacket and Pants is sold separately, you can run comfortably without using a roll up of the waist if you use it.

Because Fuel Tank was thin and it was difficult to grip Knee, I installed it.
Easy attachment using attached adhesive.

Knee grip became quite easy to have with thickness and three-dimensional shape.
You can get the feel of Pad inside your feet even when you ride in Standing.

Subjectivity, but when I look at the vehicle from behind, Volume of Fuel Tank is up by the thickness of Pad and I am satisfied externally.

Size is like Large Tiny Small and Small too much against Fuel Tank of Honda CL 400.

Material is also solid, it will not be broken or torn.

Although it stretches the value, it is a product that you can recommend to those looking for similar things.

It is the structure which it is thick and became brave. Or [ that it is slightly exaggerated in the Tank of
SR ].