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리다아 라지에타가드가 나의 바이크에 잘맞았다.설치가 쉽고 가격도 저렴해서 나는 만족한다.가격대비 가성비가높고 좋은제품이다.나는 내바이크gsx-s에 설치하고 만족한다.설치을 하려면 카울을 탈거하고 설치가 가능하다. I'm satisfied because it's easy to install and the price is cheap. Is possible. translated by google

Installation requires taking a bit of trouble because you must remove SIDE's Cover.
However, the color of Combination of Blue and Silver is good, shape is also Fashion and luxurious.
Small parts to Body's Black color but stands out as Shiningly.

I really like the Engine of MT 09.
V type 2 cylinder with a history of cars going back (Buell) , Parallel four-cylinder (GSX-R1100)
It is good performance of taking a good point, both acceleration and Traction are just fine,
It's a fun engine to ride. (ECU rewritten according to Exhaust System)
However, there was dissatisfaction with the appearance and suspension around the front, around the Rear with Fender Eliminator
Tail lamp also has another shape attached.
The face of Front is also disappointing for me and it is cheap if you look at MT from the front
I felt it was full of pociousness.
We had been interested in Headlight cover of Redide for a long time,
Front We ignored ignoring reasons such as load increase, but others coming up one after another
I felt sorry for Gorgeous feeling of Manufacturer's similar ConceptMODEL
I decided to purchase it.
Install correctly.
Cheapness ceased and I liked MT more and more.

I installed it in TMAX 530 DX in 2007. The ground area became Large, and the sense of stability increased in places such as earth.
In the wearing picture, it was from the front, but there was no picture from the rear side, but I could not understand, but the tip of the presser foot floats a little.
I think that it is better to use glue on the Screw fastening part. Also, sometimes it is necessary to confirm that it is not loose.

Material looks fine with beautiful Blue. Installation, SIDE Cover to remove Bolt
Since it will not come off unless it is removed, it took a bit of trouble.

The color of Blue is beautiful, Balance with Body's Blue is also good,
I like it.. Installing with Spring and Ball will not fit in
I need a bit of hang, but if you push it a lot, it's ok.

OEM is plastic, so I thought that there was thermal deterioration and so I exchanged it.
It's a bit expensive as Parts. Parts for Wire lock, there are holes, but use of Circuit
Because it is not used as it is.
It is fashionable Parts of peace & Pinpoint because it is strong Aluminum Gold.
I am satisfied with beautiful Red.

The position of Brake can also be finely adjusted, the texture is still firmly made with Fashion.
Also carefully translating Instruction Manual (written in here please fill in, it is easy to understand when adding.

Although the price is a little expensive, I think that there is no loss by purchasing.