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Clearly the price is expensive. Still the quality and appearance are completely different from the Universal Product, the fabric and the rubber are also Just fit firmly. It is only self-satisfaction, but you can always see Works feeling while driving.

I am using it with NSR 250R.
Until now, we purchased what we purchased at a certain Oakon station
I used it, but it grew in about a year and used it
It is nothing. The real thing is likely to last long.
However, the price is Neck.

It installed in Honda's NSR 250 SE.
I think that it is a little expensive, but it is very cool.
It is even better if it is a bit cheaper

Purchase this item because the water stopper Fastener of 3 Layer Jacket of Urbanism, which I used before, was damaged..

- Protector equipment as well as high wear resistance and tear strength of the fabric.
- Waterproof processing has been done.
- Equipment of Ventilation.
- Riding jacket None, it is a simple Detail.

He had quite a greedy request,
While overseas Manufacturer and the high-class Line of FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer were also taken into consideration,
I got to know the product which it was easy to obtain in terms of time and price, and cleared all the elements "only this one!" I decided.

First choose Size.
174cm / I chose M Size at 60 kg, but it is somewhat affordable because it is equivalent to L Size of FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer,
Inside thin Inner Jacketetc. You can also wear.

Although it is comfortable without getting fluttered, it seems a bit bothersome that the Front fastener extending to the neck interferes with Helmet and the neck is difficult to move.

It also rained on a rainy day, but because it is being processed with Seam tape, there is no rain infiltration from the seams, Fastener has a flap in front of what is not waterproof, there also prevents water intrusion I will.
Small I ran for an hour in the rain but I could not get wet at all..

In addition,. Although not, there are four Ventilation, two on each shoulder and back,
When it is fully opened, air flows across the shoulder and the back, escaping steam, which is also comfortable.
I hope I can use it as a wing even on a hot day.

Regarding Protection, it is equipped with Protector which passed CE Standard on shoulder, elbow, back,
In addition, it seems that the shoulder and elbow are reinforced with Kevlar Fiber, but the effect is unknown because it never fell down.

I was looking for a Simple Jacket that can be used as a town without a strange Logo with fluorescent color,
On the contrary, if it is too simple and it depends on the combination of clothes, it will be a good feeling and it will be a terrible look that makes me think of a country junior high school student,
I want to devise a combination of Inner and Bottom.

Overall comment, comfortable wearing feathers, weather resistance, comfortable to expect Protection Jacket.
However, Sense of clothes is questioned.

Is it such a condition said.

Previously I used a MUJI BAND, but since it has gone loose with age, I replaced it.
HRC Logo as HondaUser is favorite as One point.

It is sold in Yahoo auctions and others
It is different from overseas patch things
Rubber is solid.

I am glad about the release from HRC.
The real one, the aura is different!
Recommended for HondaOwner of Maru Cup.