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You can see how Front fork is used at a glance.
When you're on the ride you can use it to the bottom, when it's sinking without feeling it is it, it just makes it fun (Lol)
On the setting side honestly it is only possible to utilize the extent to confirm sag by one person at my Level ...
Even if I run, I can not use near the full Bottom, I do not have a bottom with it, over, I do not like salt plum.

Regarding the installation, I thought about turning on Overhaul's Timing, but Forketc. I've attached it since I've assembled it all, I think that it is easier to do that than that.

About using Friction is very light if you slide by hand.
However, it is easy to get dirty as it is increased in white resin (stand out) is.
However, since Small Maintenance keeps Inner Tube clean, it will be a good notice.

It is a sensor that measures Frost fork's Stroke amount.
You can install it without removing Front fork.

Because it is a simple item, there is no problem in function.
The looks are normal.

The manual is somewhat unkind, the direction to twist to attach Spring is not written,
Is there only dissatisfaction there?.

In the OEM, the Rear movement was not well fit, especially when passing through Gap, it would be funny, Rear's load would not be stable with Breaking, I was particularly concerned.
I replaced it with OHLINS and still riding as StandardSetting but the badness I felt at the time of OEM ceased to be able to concentrate on Cornering.
Damper seems to do a good job, Stroke's long suspension fits in without excessive movement, and the initial movement is smooth, so riding comfort in town is outstanding.
However, it seems that the car height is a little lower than the OEM, and it rubs the footpeg immediately at Cornering. I would like to have a good time with friends such as pre-road.
Off has not run yet, but it seems to be quite nice to imagine from the feel on On! I am looking forward to running back to r.

The one I bought last time is wrong and I did not work well so purchase 41 π again.

I firmly stroke.

Since the amount of Stroke can be seen, it is good when setting the suspension.

Even if you do not remove Inner, it is GOOD whatever you can install.

Well, I will do price as it is, but it is a good product.

Off-road history I am a beginner for a year..

OEMRShock of WR 250 R was not good at bouncing like bouncing feeling.
Seat struck my ass on the bouncy rhythm and I felt scared many times.
Also for the first time "Galley place" When I ran it I was blown off with that terrible vibration (T д T)

Of course it is a bad shit, so I have to practice again, but this thought that Suspension does not suit me.
there "GLOSS 'OHLINS" I decided to try out.

I transformed Large into a foot around the surface that will follow the road moistly.
The first time I installed it, I ran the same practice course as usual "Is there little unevenness on the road today?" It turned out to be misunderstood.
Softly absorbs the shock coming from the unevenness of the road surface, it extends supple.
Because it becomes less tired easily by running to Smooth, I think that it is also ideal for Enduro for a long time.

Adjuster with fingers to adjust pressure and elongation "KOKKO OK" It's easy to just turn it.
If you run and compare in the same Course, you may be able to experience changes in 1Notch. It will change so firmly.

Pressure side : 23 steps, extension side : About 60 steps can be adjusted (I'm sorry if I made a mistake).

According to the Course and the road conditions, try various settings and I think the face is white.
I am planning to try it still a bit further. I am looking forward to it ♪

When asked OHLINS Suspension, "I can not master it because it is a beginner" And "It is a waste for beginners" Although it seems to hear the voice saying, I think that it is also Large not to know that the range around which the suspension does not follow Technique.
What I was worrying about was actually the suspension was the cause (ω - )

Anyway, I will be able to run Off-road more enjoyably!
It is a wonderful Suspension that responded brilliantly to the expectations of beginners.

I wanted Stroke sensor and bought it.

With other goods, the thing that incorporates at the time of OH is half the Large, because this can be attached as it is, the price is a bit expensive, but the look is also good with GOOD!

I can choose the number of pies, so how about?

I planned to buy from webike, but I ordered it (Spring collar, Spring rate) I had to purchase it directly from Mr. Gsense.

Installed as default factory setting.
Just waking a Motorcycle will tell the difference.
Pressing Seat moves often. Once I get over my weight it will catch my weight and I will step on..

Suspension moves well in the city, keeping the gaps of the road clean. The feeling of NORMAL's tightness disappeared. Even without going off, the effect was absolutely Large.

The forest road makes Grip feel Up. You can see that the suspension is moving frequently. Even in the scenes where Rear bounces and slips, it grips on the ground and grips us. The ride is also Up.

Certainly the price is expensive, but there is a performance that matches that (^^)
However, if you only set Rear suspension to OHLINS, I think Front's weakness is prominent. My XG250 TRICKER is PAD ValveValveTune with Motorcycle store Tandem.

I think that it is more satisfying to fiddle around Suspension than Exhaust System exchange.