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RIDEZ menawarkan perlengkapan balap yang keren seperti jaket kulit, kacamata hitam, sarung tangan, sepatu balap dan lainnya. Aksesoris RIDEZ dirancang dengan simple dan mengutamakan kenyamanan serta keselamatan saat berkendara.

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I have compared this bracket with Dammtrax. Will continue to order this item. Many riders shoud give up using plastic brackets that come along with the shields.

I bought it with cool looks, but it's better to wear comfortably than I thought. Sheepskin so it's so soft and breathable. Since it is a leather product, I think that the taste will come out and it will be even better.

I make it firmly for the price but I'm solid and I'm reversible and I can use it properly according to my mood I will not get tired of it The back is Black. Just a little above the nose will not hang when you wear it, so it's perfect if you can install it slightly above.

Usability is likely to be good, but the quality of the image on the item description and the quality of the item sent has been quite different.
The engagement of the part clipping Gloves is bad. You can not recommend purchasing for those who are asking for perfection.

In Normal muffler, the place where Chain passes is crushed, it was a disappointing part at a glance. I just could not stand it and bought it. Since I installed it myself and was a good product with high accuracy of work, if there is a SmallExtension in Ratchet's Large, the work will proceed comfortably. Also, since the clearance between the Exhaust System and Chain's escape is large, the tension of Chain is free, so it will be a particularly recommended part. Volume is deck because it is with for Race, but with End Baffle and KIJIMA Inner silencer 41 pie, I was able to pass the vehicle inspection this time.

Purchasing XL by saying that Large will not be Small.
Mounting on M109R.
I wanted to add it to the Center of Handlebar,
Offset to Left due to the problem of Clearance.
There is no sense of anxiety about mounting strength.
Case is also made robust, but the Vinyl window part is WrinkleWrinkle
Too bad I'm shabby.

It is use with iPhoneSE. Whether it can not dissipate heat within Case, overheat warning, operation limitation worked. Used so that the outside air enters without closing the Zipper completely. Devices need to be devised.

Ok so Iam going to start with how happy Iam with my purchase, shipping to my from Japan only took 3 days. This is my 3rd set of ladybirds they are piece of art and amazing sounding system with high quality. They were a lot cheaper than other sites I have seen and actually came with silencers with i will not use but good to have. Overall I would highly recommend webikejapan because of their price and the speed of shipping