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Riding Spot

Riding Spot memproduksi bracket belakang untuk motor trail sampai motor besar. Bracket belakang Riding Spot sangat awet dan dibuat dengan keahlian handal.

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It attached to DR-Z 400S.
[Good point] It seems to be strong.
If a color is seen with a carrier simple substance, it is not quite satisfactory, but it is satisfactory if it sees in the state where it attached.
A load carrying face product is loud.
Pure tool BOKKU is attached.
[Bad point] The shortage of explanation of an instruction manual is worrisome too.
If it often reads, it understands, but I want you to attach a picture.
Why doesn't a maker improve? In the mounting arrangement given in the instruction manual [related with attachment], when the temporary stop was first carried out from the rear side, it was, but when the temporary stop of the rear side was carried out first, the nut by the side of a front did not enter straight, and it was not able to carry out the temporary stop of it.
When carrying out the temporary stop of the front side previously, to the smooth, the rest is attachment and it completed it in about 30 minutes.
Since he thought that it was attached simply when even the manufacturing precision of the carrier was satisfactory, I thought that the design itself was satisfactory.
Since he buys it and thinks that it was good, it is a recommend.

In order to attach a top box, it attached to 99 cbr600f.
It does not compare with the other company at the time of purchase, but although purchased, structure is also solid and it is satisfied.
Without removing a tandem bar, it can equip and is convenient.
A bolt only exchanges an attached thing as it is pure.
Since the load hook is also attached as the photograph, it becomes easy to carry out loading at the time of touring.
Since it can use also as Bar of tan DEMA, it is pleasing.
Seemingly, it will be easier to hold than pure Bar.

Ordered rear carrier for my Honda CB400SF 1993 (NC31) from Webike Japan on the 18/01/2016 and order arrived in Bangkok, Thailand 30/01/2016. Please note that Thai import duty and VAT on orders from Japan to Thailand will add some 40% to the order cost and which needs to be paid before item/s are released by Thai Post. The rear carrier arrived in perfect condition with all required mounting brackets and bolts. Instructions were in Japanese and as such of no use to me. Fitting required temporary removal of seat and upper rear cowl to allow permanent removal of the two OEM side grab-rails. The grab-rail mounting points and bolts are re-used to attach the vertical legs of the carrier 'L' brackets to the bike. Note the 'L' brackets are not identical there are front and rear pairs (the front brackets have longer horizontal legs). The brackets themselves are made from bent 3.0mm thick stainless steel plate and appear strong enough. The rearmost pair of brackets conflict with the plastic under cowl which I simply trimmed to accommodated them. I loosely bolted the 'L' brackets to the bike then the rear carrier itself to the installed brackets (the carrier fits ON TOP of the horizontal bracket leg) with the supplied bolts and flanged nuts. Squared everything up then threadlocked and tightened all the fasteners. Re-fitted the upper rear cowl and seat. The carrier fits well and has good clearances to bodywork. It has a strong steel construction and appears to have a durable black powder-coat? finish. Its fixing strength appears good with no independent movement of the carrier from the bike. The carrier and mountings were easily able to lift the rear of the bike off the ground with no deflection or movement. Took about one hour to fit start to finish with minimal tools required. Can't wait to road test on tour. Good product and service.

Cost performance is excellent and I think that it is a fully completed product, but if you mention the drawback, you can not Bolt-on first, it is necessary to machine the car body side.
Also install Grab Bar Bolt (Bolt hole) We will use the Grab Bar will be gone.
- - - As a result, you will lose the OEM Helmet holder on the Grab Bar of Left Side.
The disadvantage of the biggest lot is this. Although it is unavoidable.
I will write a state of detailed installation work on the blog so please refer to it.
http : / / gori-tech. blogspot. jp / 2015 / 04 / cb400sf. html

It is natural because it is exclusive for the car type, but it came coolly
I'm attaching a box, but I do not even have a glitter
I can use it without problems so far
It is likely to have durability

I bought it because the reputation of this product was Number one in Impre search. Although there was no image, I thought that it was good to refer your opinions. "Reject the portion of the shipping hook for Screw and also reject Rubber packing in it" Everyone was impressed up so we were able to install it right as it was.
Thank you very much.

It is heavy because Material is iron. But it seems to be strong. As the dimensions of the details are tight, when installing, it does not fit if you do not understand a bit. What is disappointing is a painting that can not be said as good flattering. Since the film is thin, the paint will be peeled off immediately, so we painted Clear on top. In terms of price, I guess wonder if there is anything wrong..
I think that it was good as it began to accumulate the original purpose baggage.

MAJESTY 4HC was equipped. The drilling process like 20 mmphi is required for the
Rear cowl. Pains were taken to attach a Stay there. Since the
Bolt is attached to the same position as a pure Carrier by four, it seems to be very strong.
-- pure -- although a load is stacked since it is larger, there is sense of stability.
Although it is recommended very, if
reproduction of is not done in the case of an inquiry since Manufacturer stock was the one last, finally it is. as for the Carrier of
4HC, an authentic positive one is termination of production -- since it seems that it carries out and there is nothing also in the other company -- a new article --
-- or [ not obtaining any longer / ? ]