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RIKIZOH, atau yang juga dikenal sebagai Power Craft, memproduksi bermacam-macam sparepart dan aksesoris untuk motor trail, enduro, dan motocross. Skid plate dan pelindung mesin RIKIZOH dibuat menggunakan bahan stainless steel yang kokoh demi perlindungan yang maksimal.

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Review after 100 km running at the same time with Chain.
? Compared with OEMSprocket, the weight is obviously light.
? Because of the high level of the machining system, since the gear meshes with the Wheel hub part as it presses inwardly, the play is suppressed to the Smallest.
? There is a stamp of xam and feel relief.
? Since Red color Gold family Bush is almost hidden by Washer after installation, I think whether it is acceptable to some extent even those who are not good at flashy.
? Gold genus Bush is slightly transmitted to Chain's Torque fluctuation compared to OEM's Rubber Bush.

Although durability is unknown, it was a product I liked about considering continuing purchase in the future.

Quantity as a reserve of the bar end of the truck : Purchase Set.

Even if it is consumed in plastic, it is hard to be unintuitive, thin and Simple.
Because it is cheap anything it can be used as a consumable item.

The turn came after the Throttle side was lost during practice the other day.
Inside of Throttle stopping the end with ordinary Nut Bolt was short, and it fought hard enough to put Screw on it. I honestly do not want to do it again.

During Grip exchange I vowed to replace it with S3, even though it was expensive.

It was a bit angular and I felt something wrong with my index finger, so I shaved it with File.
It's a process to do with any Lever, so there is not a problem with this Lever.

Although it is a forest road to go to, it was worried that the Small stone involved up to now hit the Engine, but after wearing this, the forest road gullying with confidence also fully opened (?) You can run with.
The accuracy of Screw hole position is good, so the installation work was Smooth.
It looks better than the off-the-car!

Although engine sound is reflected, it becomes somewhat noisy but it is Level which I do not mind for.

I bought it because I was able to select Motorcycle under protection and Color as well.
There is also a hole for Oilfor Replacement so do not bother to remove it
Oil is not necessary to exchange it is Point.

This Handlebar was safe even if the fall guided by the hand guard bent.
With without Brace, I like the installation of Clamp of Hand guard and Space is easy to secure when attaching Attachment.
It is warning because it will be lost if you do not buy it when there is stock.

We exchanged from OEM unreliable Skid plate.
When I went to a forest road I protected it from stepping stones etc. It is thick, so it is very reliable.
Maintenance STAND is also stable so this is also GOOD.

As ordered as unpublished items at the end of last year, since it seems that handling started
I will post Im pre.

At that time, as an off-road beginner sometimes got a step or a stone
The foot fell quickly due to the shock, and I bought it because there were so many things to do

As you can see from the photographs, we are processing the OEM Product to make it wider.
Since the mounting part is OEM Product itself, there is no problem with Fitting installation.
Moreover, since it is firmly painted, there is a slight sense of luxury than OEM Product.
Since welding is very beautiful, I think that there are many people who believe if it is told OEM Product.

After exchanging, I use it strongly for half a year, but my feet from the footpeg almost disappears.
Even after continuing the standing, it is hard to get tired, and even if you change the structure, it stabilizes, so extremely low speed eight movement motions and Sakado are also much easier.
Also, because the position of the foot becomes free, it is easy to take easy posture during Touring.
Grip performance is good so if you standing in halfway Boots, the shoe sole will gouge (Lol)

Although it is falling several times, because the installation part of Frame bends more than footpeg itself
I think the strength of the product itself is sufficient.

It's been a year since I installed it, but if I was OEMfootpeg my feet were off and I was falling,
There were many times that it was more flashy.
I'd definitely recommend Wide Footpeg.

However, although the feeling of use is fine and high quality, it feels a bit expensive.
It may also be a part for Off-road motorcycle
"I want cheap because it's more miscellaneous" I do not think that there are many people.
Although feeling of use and effect are sufficient, I myself do not think COSPA is a good product.

In addition, since footpeg is extended to front and back Both Sides, inevitably the space between Shift Pedal and footpeg becomes narrower, so it may be bad for some people.
Personally it was still better to have extended to the back.

Although production may be difficult, I think that it is still better if there is Variation in footpeg shape.

Although there are some discontent points, I think that the sense of rigidity coming from the high quality, a sense of security is unique to this product.
Compared with Under Guard made by the company, it is Minor, but I personally think that this is also a good product that can be standardized well.