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Rins Parts menjual sparepart untuk custom motor ZOOMER (Ruckus). Lampu depan dan jok Rin Parts memberikan penampilan yang unik, serta knalpot, rem dan suspensi memberikan performa lebih baik pada motor Anda.

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After considerable modification this fender fits and works well, once modified it fitted my bike perfectly which is a shame as the finish and craftsmanship of the fender is excellent. best suited to a narrow front tire

Tail lamp is bright but Stop lamp is too dark. You will not notice that you stepped on Brake. Three times the brightness of the Tail lamp is unlikely.

well made item but is far to narrow to fit a Honda Zoomer running a stock rim and street tire i will have to modify to make this fender work with my bike i am not impressed as all other Rin Parts i have on the bike work/ fit perfectly

Although Design and COSPA are good, the Bar End part can be taken easily with installation first! Screw of Bar End loosens unless it is to be tightened regularly. A crack comes in Grip rubber although it is not rainy..

Although it fixes with back lining Nut during installation, the foundation is fragile, as the base is tightened, the base has come off the base.
I managed to fix it myself but I had to raise Quality a little more though it was cheap!

While these make any bike look like it can go off-road. These will actually allow you to keep dirt from entering your forks. Which is great if you ride on dirt at all. Also, not may companies make them for such small bikes

Caliper does not slide because Support's Caliper mounting hole is not accurate. Replacement was impossible because the return time limit expired. I bought Garbage

Although the initial defective item arrived but I could not exchange it but I was waiting for another order.
Although installation was easy work, it was able to be ordinary but since it was an initial defective item it does not flash, so I wish to exchange it - - - I bought it because the shape was the same as Cub Pro, but it is cheap but there are defective items so please be careful. There is no way I can be careful, but it was a little regrettable response.