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Rinehart adalah pabrikan knalpot ternama yang dikenal dengan produk header yang memiliki bentuk unik serta peredam suara kanlpot berperforma tinggi. Knalpot dengan plating chrome Reinhart sudah dikenal luas dan kualitasnya tidak perlu dipertanyakan lagi.

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Ulasan Produk Rinehart

It becomes the center of attention among its friends, and will purchase as a representative.
The effect of the traveling surface was not able to be felt at all by my vehicles.
Moreover, although there is as the product of no less than 13,000 yen itself is carried out, and it has a high grade feeling, since it will disappear if it is attached, it is whether it is really a problem of a feeling.
In order to accumulate and discharge the electrical and electric equipment by a condenser, although it thinks that startability went up, this price is high now.

It has attached to the vario 2 type which has established reputation in the badness of engine start.
Since it only ties to +- of a battery, work is easy.
Management was attached like the photograph! Although it was comment after attaching, a little, engine start became good and battery stage fright's decreased.
It was not touch that it changed comparatively [ high ] so much.
Although in play [ of other people ] was seen, it seldom seems to be high evaluation... Since it was effective once, I was allowed to consider it as this evaluation.

This product performs what is called an electrolytic capacitor tune.
Although I equipped GSR400 with hot lightning, change of the engine performance which can be felt during a run was not felt at all (there may be the placebo effect).
I think that the rate of hot lightning aiming at the effect which eases the burden on a battery or electronic autoparts is larger than the purpose of improving travel performance.
Only Ho who looks at the burden from this to a motorcycle by long Sakka recommends purchase.
If it is the raised evaluation so far, * is about three, but as a reason made into the two stars, performance is the cause.
This price is very unbalance by this engine performance and effect.
I think that evaluation had gone up when the price was cheap to a slight degree.
If it collects and will see by a good point and long Sakka, the burden on electronic autoparts and a battery will be eased.
Change of bad point and travel performance has high nothing and cost.