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RISE CORPORATION menawarkan sparepart seperti HID, rantai, dan kampas rem dengan harga terjangkau. Produk RISE CORPORATION sangatlah beragam, sehingga Anda pasti akan menemukan produk yang Anda cari.

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상품의 배송은 정확하게 되었으며, 꼼꼼하게 포장되어 있었다. 하지만, 용접부위는 일주일만에 녹이 생기기 시작했으며, 등받이의 가죽은 얇아서 찢어지기 시작했다. 이것의 이유는 등받이의 양쪽 끝이 텐덤바에 닿으면서 생기는 마찰로 인한 것이였다. 등받이의 높이가 1cm정도 높아지면 해결될 것이라고 생각한다. 조만간 가죽을 이용해 리폼을 해야할 것이다. 이것을 감안할 수 있다면 괜찮은 물건이다. The goods were delivered correctly and meticulously packaged. However, the weld began to rust in a week, and the leather on the back was thin and torn. The reason for this was due to friction caused by both ends of the backrest touching the tandem bar. I think it will be solved if the height of the backrest rises about 1cm. Sooner or later you will need to renovate using leather. If you can consider this, that's a good thing. translated by google

Ottimo prodotto qualità eccellente,prodotto ottimo e rifiniture perfette da invidiare a prodotti da costi notevolmente più alti .qualita prezzo più che ottimi ,spedizione molto veloce,ho già preso altri prodotti da questo sito e basta che si fa una spedizione intermedia e in dieci giorni arriva tutto altrimenti risparmi qualcosa e in un mese al massimo hai tutto a casa prodotti ottimi lo consiglio Excellent product excellent quality, excellent product and perfect finish to envy products with significantly higher costs.qualita price more than excellent, very fast shipping, I have already taken other products from this site and just do an intermediate shipment and in ten days everything else will save something and in a month at most you have everything at home excellent products I recommend it translated by Google Translator

Man I just love being able to spice up my Grom! Webike is the place to come to to find those items as there are no products like these in the UK unfortunately. The finish is fantastic, fitting was simple and the result was all that I had hoped for. A cracking tank cover which I doubt I will see on another Grom down in Cornwall, UK! BRILLIANT. Hope there is more stuff added on here!

Very nice product, good quality. Lighter than the original, clear glass lense was delivered without errors. Fits perfectly on the bike. Good price-quality ration, I recommend it also to other bikers.

Purchase to attach StopLight to Kijima's Rear box attached to GIVI's Monokey base.
The LED can be TapeCut in units of 1 Unit, so it was possible to adjust it to just the right length. Because ... Because the Instruction Manual is not on, it is difficult to understand by examining with Rides Corporation's HP, but the position of Cut was listed. Even though I cut this place I felt uneasy about Large durability but it went well.
Brightness can be recognized even during the day so it is bright enough at night.
Since Tape 's Tube is transparent, it has a rectangular White LEDTip, so I tried painting with Red Magic but it did not affect the brightness.

使用车型:kawasaki zx6r 2012 没abs, 欧洲版本。 这款材质不锈钢材质,比kawasaki原装要轻, 这个轻量化效果我觉得还可以。 散热方面比原来的kawasaki原装碟盘,会稍微快些高效。 我认为上述两点按这个价格来说是很实惠的产品! Models used: kawasaki zx6r 2012 No abs, European version. This material is made of stainless steel and is lighter than the original kawasaki. I think this lightweight effect is ok. The heat dissipation is slightly faster and more efficient than the original kawasaki original disc. I think the above two points are very affordable products at this price!(translated by Google Translator)

Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. Buy with feeling suspicious at the price of this price.
It was a cheap article.
It is written in the product information that it can be attached, but it is incompatible with amateurs.
Since Position and Blinker circuits are not independent, current wraparound occurs.
(If you do not know what you are saying at this point please give up purchase)
When the Position is lit, the current flows around and the Rear's Blinker turns on together.
Likewise, even if Blinker is turned On, the current wraps around Position side, so depending on the car model, Wiring, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Simultaneous lighting (Hazard state) It will become.
Do not connect Position to avoid it (None meaning of goods) Alternatively, rectification Diodeetc. , And it is necessary to change Large wide Wiring.
Clearly, it is not possible to recommend to circuits, people who are not confident about Wiring, amateur who can not maintain themselves.

Quantity of Hand guard : In Set this price is amazing.
It was attached to us CRF 250 RALLY. Processing etc. There is absolutely no,
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Mirror, OEMHand guard, including removal of all in 30 to 40 minutes.
There are many movable parts, and it was possible to install it with a nice feeling because delicate adjustment is also possible.
By the way, Handlebar used OEM as it was.
It did not hit Lever or OEM.
I think that it would not be a good idea if the forest road Touring position is ordinarily.
However, DesignSticker is pasted on only one hand guard, but from the edge
I was scattering off. I did not have any influence because I intended to take it from the original.