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RISK RACING merancang dan memproduksi riding gear dan aksesoris motor motocross, dirt bike, dan ATV. Produk RISK RACING dibuat dengan teknologi terbaru yang dapat mengurangi guncangan sehingga rider dapat berkendara dengan nyaman.

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I usually have thick but I want to get cramped inside Helmet Purchase. There are also long long neck, but maybe it is better if it is a little longer?
Even if you pull it up to the mouth it will not bother you about the smell of cloth and will not get into the pocket and your hand will not get in the way. The cold wind is thin, so it is as it is but depending on how it is used

The returning road where I ran through a galley forest road was always covered with legume palms
The next day, it was hard for me to grab the handlebar of commuting Scooter
At that time, find Palm Protector and believe in your imp
Since hand is Small person and Gloves uses M, so S / Purchase M Size
I felt like I saw it, my hole in the finger was Small, I was Small in size and Large in durability?
Wet suit and NeopreneMaterial thinner than the wadder, it stretched well, there was never a case where the finger became cold.
I have not reached the wrist, but I can Cover the part holding the Grip
You can install it even with Gloves with a sense of Fit.
I tried running the forest road of Gureare but could not make beans.
Although durability is still unknown,
Beginners holding the Handlebar strongly and weakened physical strength (myself) I think that OffLoader is a strong ally.

I usually wear glasses so I bought it for commuting Helmet.
I am satisfied that I can use it while wearing anticipation reasoning glasses.
Making is also steadier than price.

Very good item, I like it.
It is very light, but the building is solid and there is a sense of security. I also like the design

Purchase for commuting in the summer SuperCUB 110.
I also own RAZZO? X-AIR of the same Manufacturer LEAD Industry,
Since I was satisfied with that lightness, I chose this product of the same X-AIRSeries in search of lightness.
It is good to be light, but the part tied to the triangle of the bell string always hits the ear,
It is MinusPoint.
I think it depends on the shape of the face.
From other Manufacturers, similar designs have come out about 5,000 yen, so it is still over 9,000 yen
I do not think it is selling so much.
But, I think that the lightness and the comfort of the head part are good.

Purchase with Replacement of Helmet for CUB. I decided on price affordability. Actually using Free Size but perfect fit (^_^) V When running, the wind often enters from the vents and is cool. The opening and closing of Screen is also moderate, easy to use (^_^) V Easy to wear an Ago string with One-touch. It can also be stored without difficulty with moderate Large Body Cap. Safety aspects are sufficiently collateral if it is two kinds of mopeds (^. ^) It is exactly the best dish of COSPA.

By Race in front of TV, watching Rider get it in the image of Grid
I found it hard to find the name I did not understand. (Lol)
Circuit my hand is numb while running, the base of my thumb hurts
A little relaxed.
If you do this with Gloves, you can feel Grip's grasp thickly.
I do not think that Grip is thin for those who like it
I am satisfied because I like the thicker one.

It is an impression on the use only now during the day.

I think that you can not see the face at all from the other party when you lower the shield.

It seems to be brighter from the inside, is it possible to use at night as expected?

I think that.

Moderately the wind enters from the bottom and it is not hot.