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RISKY-B merupakan produsen yang khusus memproduksi spakbor bergaya rendah untuk Jazz dan Magna 50. Spakbor RISKY-B cocok untuk Anda yang ingin menambahkan tampilan berani pada motor 50cc Anda.

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Ulasan Produk RISKY-B

Picked in shape and bought.
What I received is just Material : FRP (?) is.
Considering the price, is not it a bit too high?
I had trouble walking around Wiring for installation, but processing was not necessary.

A high grade feeling increases at a stretch!! Shuttlecock stage fright of the tail extended with **** Beroun in which the silhouette of a car body also falls with Gun, and which changes it to a profound image is a favorite!!

At the time of solo touring, it is always carrying around.
a cheap knife -- it is alike, and if compared, it can use far.
In particular, although it is short at the time of outdoor, a saw can also be used for except and has reinforcement it is [ a wave type knife ] the best for the thing which is hard to cut the wet rope etc. it, and sufficient also about each parts.
Since I am a left-handed person, it is hard to use only a can opener just for a moment, but it is considerably found useful except it.
However, since it may be caught by the police if it is carrying around from usually, only when required, let's carry around.

It changed to this fender in Heisei 15.
It is active service till the present.
Compared with normal, there is a volume and appearance is also good.
In a direction to show a car body as greatly, it is recommended.

Although it is expensive, structure is solid and a result is also beautiful.
Since a tail lamp and number stay were also attached, it could use as it is and attachment could also be easy.

It attached, and it was easy and the image of the car body changed a lot.
Structure is also solid and color is also beautiful.

Due to the budget, only rear fenders are exchanged in front half a year, and it also came to exchange front fenders at last lately.
This volume that cannot be regarded as a moped! Balances in front and behind are also maintained at last, and it is large satisfaction.

To a classic style, I think that they are items which are not made to write.
Attachment is very easy, and since an image also changes with GARATSU, it is a recommend! A delightful limitation has a greatest effect of a mudguard above all.