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RIZE+ menyediakan berbagai macam parts motor untuk restorasi maupun modifikasi yang terdiri atas bodywork, lampu, hingga kampas rem dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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About 1 month after using it out of 4. I adjusted it from the loose of Bolt and tightened it, I broke with Drill from the base
Since it became easy to slide in the Plating part, I caught Washer and pinched it
It seems that products that are not strong enough mixed with Aluminum

Small as expected, as expected, a little dark is a difficult point. I changed it to KITACO LED Blinker Corresponding Flasher Relay and used it, this LED is only this Blinker, but others are functioning normally.

Rear brake Although it is futile, there was no noticeable change in fee Ring even when driving on Sports on Pass road. I think that it is good for OEM's replacement.

Until now, I have used DAYTONA 's Red Pad, but for the first time I tried purchasing a super - discount Pad.

I attached it to the Front and tried running on the trial, but it was slightly ineffective but it was a sense of degree but I think that it is Level which can be used without worry.
60km / Even sudden braking from h will stop without problems.

Although it is said that rainy days will not work on other reviews, since it will not ride on a rainy day, I wonder if there is any problem.

Damage is worried about disc for discount, but since it can not be determined at present, I am going to use it while looking at the situation.

390 DUKE's OEMSlider got worn out in the self-loss accident so I applied this Pad. It was possible to install it without problems if two Gold genres Washer were piled up. I think that it is firm by comparison with other expensive ones.

Ape100 (Battery reply) Use to
It might be because it is Battery reply
After all it is dark. Visibility is subtle in the daytime.
Is it because Smoked lens?
I should have made no appeal and I should have made Clear Lens.

Well making is worth the price. But I can not use it.
But, although it is a brand new, Lens was filled with water - - - ?

Design is just for Compact and Mini bike.

Will you replace it with a brighter product in the future?
Let's exchange it for LED with high luminosity because it is cheap
I m thinking. It may be good for processing or for trial use.
Also, Battery car maybe it might be brighter.

This product is very well is very strong .high quality material used . The detail is fantastic on the grab bar, and on the backrest . Very easy to install.. Feels very safe for my passenge Looks very stylish also.

Design in a good sense, Design, which Genre Motorcycle has no discomfort?
The price is also cheap and very appreciated product.
I want you to line up as long as possible, that is such a product.