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Robby Moto Engineering

Robby Moto Engineering menyediakan produk alumunium billet yang sangat berkualitas. Rearset kit, segitiga motor atau top bridge diproduksi dengan sangat teliti dan sudah digunakan oleh tim racing terbaik di WSB.

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Ulasan Produk Robby Moto Engineering

When changing the handle of M900 to a separate type handle, you are going to face some problems. If you try to install it under the top bridge, the handle height becomes extremely low for it is a frame of 851 series. If you raise the handle, then it will interfere with the protrusion of the top bridge. Personally speaking, I like it to be over the top bridge, but the projection amount of the fork is only about 20mm. So you need to increase the projection amount if you are to use a normal separate handle.
I didn't want to do this and looked for a separate handle whose clamp height was 20mm, and then found this product. The clamp isn't too thick and it's good.
It's well made and even uses a taper bolt! The pressed bar end can be removed if you put a pipe inside and press it. You can choose a bar end of your choice. One disappointing thing is that it has a lot of small scratches. It doesn't stand out once you install it, though.

[Webike Monitor] It attached to
ninjya 400R. Although it wanted very and worried variously from
or before
, it purchased at last. Since it was when it took about two weeks, by the time it placed a
order, and it arrived, he thought that he would wait without haste, but goods were glad at that of 届てた in about four days. し there is also a little deep crack with many cracks fine a little regrettably if the contents of the
> box are checked, but it is a place in which it hides by a Grip -- it is under influence to operation -- る -- since it cannot be probably, the thing [ like ] has seldom been made into mind. Although he thought that he would attach under a Top bridge at first although it is
> and attachment, it turned out that it is not settled unless the bottom of a Top bridge is probably deleted by a Grinder etc. Then, it changed hurriedly and attached on the Top bridge. Although attachment was alone performed by the time it became like a photograph, and it took about about 2 hours, when especially the pushing-out work of F Fork was one person, it was serious.

Since a run becomes a last posture further from before although it is not carried out, it is still worried only about a few.

Ninja400R was equipped! It has equipped without processing of a screen, a tank, and a cowl! Although it tampered with somewhere else very well, there is no interference!

It attached to Ninja400R.
Since he wanted to mount on a top bridge, this type of lobby moto engineering with a thin flange was ideal.
Since there is also that no the handlebar has come out of a flange soon if a handle is a long distance, it is GOOD! A result is also beautiful and it is a racy impression, and since my purpose is suited, it is large satisfaction.
However, if it falls, repair charges -- what the tank will be dented for, and an end cap are Bar and one -- are likely to become high.
With [ although bolt-on is not made in the interference to a cowl ] no making [ into a quite racy position ]-according to device mistake.
It seems that 0 times or 10 degrees may be sufficient as it although the lappet angle whose wrist seems to be easy used 5 times.
Since interference with the root of a lever and a cowl is a neck, right and left are given, and it seems that there is no difference by the difference in an angle not much.
A lappet angle is to its liking.
Seemingly it was out of stock and, in my case, the order took two months or more, but there was worth for which it waited.

Since there is no kill switch and it felt inconvenient, it purchased.
Since the switch which is not needed although there was wide use of the daytona of confrontation was not pleasing, it carried out here.
The wiring diagram was also consulted and was attached fairly simply.