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ROK straps menyediakan tali pengikat barang yang ditujukan untuk sepeda motor, ATV, dan snowmobile. Tali pengikat dari ROK hadir dalam versi yang bisa disesuaikan maupun berukuran khusus. Anda bisa dengan mudah membawa berbagai macam barang berukuran sedang hingga besar dengan motor Anda tanpa harus khawatir akan goresan pada body motor.

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Although it has not been used yet, I think that it seems to be very much easy-to-use.
However, since a load was hardly loaded, it purchased for the rainy day.
Since it was a size into which it is put under a sheet, it was good.

In order to fix the Camping seat bag, I used Rubber cord of a certain Manufacturer before.
With Rubber cord, I was in trouble getting moving from the Rear seat little by little by vibration during driving and being unable to concentrate on driving.
The impression that purchased and used this ROKStraps this time is that the luggage is firmly fixed and it is now possible to focus on Riding comfortably without moving in front.
I thought it was more convenient than the price.
In Camping touring, it became an Items that I can not release anymore.

I purchased a new release Roll Clip as a love strap lover.

Until the end of the rock Strap's Belt was pretty annoying and I tried and tried it with Iloilo, but if it were this product it would be possible to put it together functionally.

Just by passing through the Belt of the lock of Strap of Strap and fixing it with the Rubber string, always passing through the Belt and putting together the Rubber string in the sky makes it easy to remove or lose each time Without.

Is it the only problem that I can tolerate additional Cost?.
This should only be Standard Equipment from the beginning.
That way I can somewhat lower Cost.

But well, Colle is an essential item for rock Strap loyalty.

From one Rubber rope, I can fix it more firmly than I thought, and the fixing work is much easier than anything else. This was realized only when I actually used it.
It looks beautiful, and it is good that packing String! Does not have any feeling at all.

The work of loading and fixing luggage on Motorcycle is full of realistic feeling of packing by all means, but with this product there is also Dress-up effect.

I used it to fix the North Face Duffel bag to cb 400 sf.
I stroked the bars near the Grab Bar and Tandem Footpeg and fixed it by CROSS, we were able to tour with the Tokyo - Niigata firmly fixed.
The fixation of Backpack was also no problem.

I am using it for NC 700X.
I bought it before GW 6 nights 7 days Touring.

Since the filling port of NC 700X is under Rear seat, refueling can only be done unless you unload your baggage.
Since this ROKStraps are only fixed in two places with Buckle, loading and unloading of loads can be very smooth.

Tension is also solid, so no baggage at all.

You can use it more securely than Rubber rope and Net.

Roll Clip that puts out the remaining Belt is sold separately, but I am using Tie Wrap. It looks bad (Lol).

Wagon sale (Lol;) I was sleeping worried about the loading of the waterproof packer 15? But the buckle gently swept through the D-can in the four corners of the bag with a small bag. There is nothing to worry about gladius which does not have a place to hang rubber rope.. The cord is long in its way of use, but since the corner is looped, it will not be a problem if you try not to play hanging around the buckle. There is a buckle that I bought to do the same things at an outdoor shop, no no no, this. I'm writing other people, but I just draw a string with a one-touch buckle with rubber on one side. No, it was a good shopping.
Because the frequency of riding Motorcycle is too low (Lol;) Progress report etc.. There is probably nothing; ^^

I tried cargo nets and they were pretty useless as they don't offer adjustable lengths. These ROK straps are easy! Loop one side, loop the other side, buckle on, tighten, well done! On my PCX scooter there are not many places to make the loops, but I can loop it over itself and trap it under my seat. I think that should be secure enough for most items. Also less messy compared to cargo nets which gets tangled up easily with those pointy hooks. So can easily occupy minimal space in my topbox. The reflective feature is nice and underrated.