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Since a flange part could not be used having been large when exchanging for the radial caliper of a brembo and it was a pure caliper bolt, M10x60 of the compact flange was purchased.
The stainless bolt could not use having been fearful since the place was just going to be in reinforcement, and since he did not like appearance, the taper cap bolt was made into this.
Since a hezagonal wrench can also be used very smartly since the head section is finished in cutting, and a tool can be properly used by a case, I think that it is very convenient.
When it was a bolt of titanium, it was a thing that it is better for there to be a problem of galling and to have carried out anodizing, but since he liked the color of the titanium raw material, he bought that of those without processing.
It may be better considering treatment, to buy having carried out anodizing.
Since it is a thing as a thread compound etc. are used exactly, that a screw lock agent must not be used, either when using those without processing, please take care.
Although I think that it is very a thing as a thing, a difficulty is a price too.
Evaluation was made into four stars at the point.

This is a work of art. Art objects, like paintings and pottery, can be understood from the viewers, but it means that they do not understand at all if they do not understand it. Screw 1 pc is thousands of yen! - - - I usually think so.

So, the people who choose this Bolt find values ??there, people who are committed.
Parts that I've been sticking to without compromising the most among Custom for decades ago are Bolt.
Because OEM is bound by Cost, most of those which carried out inexpensive surface treatment on steel. These Bolt et al. Immediately start to Rust and White, and even though it is a very small part, it will hurt the texture of the entire Motorcycle. SUS304 of Stainless Steel steel that I often see is corrosion-resistant but can not be used as a strength member.
If it is like Gold genus. Semi-permanently unchanged brilliance due to corrosion resistance, safety reliability due to high rigidity and fatigue limit also used for fighter aircraft.

Tetchen Bolt which is visible to the vehicle has almost changed.
Single Item Weight is half that of steel, but even if all of the vehicles are drinking cola 1 pc, it will be chara, so you will not be able to experience weight reduction. But there are a total of 19 in Rotor bolt of disc and Nut of Sprocket and it is a part that rotates at high speed, so it may be benefiting from that part. So, if you collaborate with Motorcycle as a characteristic of this product, it is a long way to get buried outside the head and disappear.. Especially as long as Bolt becomes.

I think that the evaluation of the person who bought this is divided into two "good, but expensive" "high but good".
My evaluation is the latter.

Once you fall in love, Titanium Bolt's magical powers.
How much did you change from past to hundreds? How much did it hurt in Total? I am afraid to calculate.
We recommend this product only for people who are committed to "high but good things".

Since Bolt's anodized which I used before was thin with heat, purchase.
Just Material : It is Bolt of Titanium.
I do not understand the goodness of only those who understand. (Self-satisfying parts)

Honest impression I was disappointed
When I first picked it up I thought that I am fluffy Bit Titanium
Look closely the part of Hexagonal (In the hole) There was a very finished coarse delivery until about 1 month and a half order ordered a lot of handling of processing? Even though I did not inspect?
Bolt of Beta titan is better than other Titanium Bolt. Finishing of this neighborhood is done normally
It is rough and quite disappointing than Titanium Bolt I bought at Yahoo auction!
Size which is not different is unavoidably purchased with β Titanium but from the next time I will look for another from the beginning

I can not help it by burning it with Burner and devoting it to use it

I used it for Babyface Racing hook made installation
Order Bolt was too long to disconnect and use by yourself (Because it is not an important part)
I also ordered overseas Titanium Bolt
I should have made Beta titanium all from the beginning....

I used it for Screen bolt.
In OEM, the texture was not so good and looked cheap with Black,
This Bolt has a presence while being Simple.
Although the colors of Cowl and Screen are mainly Black, Titanium color is shining
I think that the texture will be better even with other color bodies.
The accuracy and rigidity of Bolt itself are also very high, so if it is a Screen that is not heavily loaded
It can be used all the time unless it gives a physical damper.
Although the problem is price, I feel it is expensive to hear that Bolt one piece more than 1000 yen,
7000 yen for Custom parts (6 in case of DAEG exchange) I think it is cheap ^ ^

I replaced the installation Bolt of Front Disc of cbr 1000 rr to Titanium. The price of Beta titanium products is not cheap, but it can be trusted in JAPAN
It is essential for important parts. It's too light and light like Plastic. 1Quantity : Weight reduction of 60 g at 2 pc and subtle but including satisfactory appearance.

Someday I wanted to make Caliper Mount Bolt Titanium, and finally I could purchase it. I decided on Beta titanium of reliable JAPAN because Torque is a necessary part. Of course, there is no problem with installation, it is light as expected. You can also choose Color, but I made Works Pokkara No Color.
If the price is a bit cheaper, is it the best?