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Rosso Style Lab menyediakan riding gear khusus perempuan. Jaket, sarung tangan, dan celana riding dari Rosso Style Lab memiliki desain modis dan kasual yang nyaman digunakan untuk kegiatan sehari-hari.

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Size intentionally purchased Large LL so that I can get thicker I wanted a Motorcycle Jacket of Mods Code Type, so I was satisfied with Design and cold weather but the Protector that came with it was too reliable so I used another Protector I have now Chest Protector purchased Komine 's Protector here so I will remake it so that I can remove it.

It seems to be warmer than I thought, but Waist feels a little loose and I think that it was better if the length was a little longer. On the whole I bought correct answer. There was cuteness in the place where I also made A little design. I want to wear it fast and run.

I wanted Brown, but because it was out of stock, I made it to Navy. Fashionable and design is also nice. It is a bit millet to wear in the midsummer because it is water repellent. Recommended for spring and autumn.

The shoe sole peeled off in half a year! It is used less than 30 times.

There are few places where adhesives can be adhered structurally, and I think that it will be broken even if I buy it. To be honest, I want you to return gold.

The shoe sole peeled off in half a year! The adhesive is too weak!

Structurally, since there are few parts to which adhesives adhere, I think that it will peel off probably even if you purchase a new one.

It is about 20 times used. Storage is also a shoebox storage. Since the warranty period has passed, it can not be returned or exchanged. With no help, if you bring it to a nearby shoe store, it will not know that 10,000 will be recovered for repair.

Looking for a summer wear,
Until the end of Yellow corn's Wear
I was worried but I put importance on weight and made it here.

Silhouette with Refreshing, it was comfortable to wear.
Design was also refreshing, I'm glad I made it here.

It was Exactly to me who was tall with 150 heights. It is light, and the line of the body looks beautiful. Mesh Material fabric is also firm. I was able to do a nice shopping. The only disadvantage is that the shoulder and arm are Hard protector but the chest and spinal cord are sewn on other company's with Protector of Soft Type... I think that it would be nice if there was a Hard Type one with Option...

When we wore about half a year at the time of rainy weather While the inside of the shoes became cold soul was peeling off as you confirmed it is glued and you are wearing it somehow but that is not likely to be long.