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Rough Crafts

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I used the company's Gloves for 2 years ago and I am satisfied and updated it to MODEL this season.

First of all it looks cool as ever! It got a little slender so it got better ease of use.
And since the inner boa changed from Boa to Fake fur, the warmth was up.

What I was hoping most was change of Zipper. Large Because it became tame, it is easy to detachably and the windproof performance has also improved. The thumb Cover has been added to MittenCover casually.

Considering that it is a synthetic leather so that it keeps only about 2 Season, even if it is a bit cheaper it is a deduction point. Others are satisfied without complaining!

It was said to be 2 Size expansion of S Size and Free Size
Buy SizeFree because there is no Size table.
This was a failure.

Cuffs are Large Rubbing and I'm Gabbagaba. It feels like I put on my father's clothes on my child.
Because the cuffs do not squat like Parka, it will be quite Loose.
Even if it is only a form, it can even be seen in the army cover of the office building.
If I do not have a good match, I think S Size is better.

I just got disadvantages
If you tighten Belt in Loose, it will not fall off slippery
When I wear this under long sleeve Jacket I will not stick with sweat and it is cool.
Unlike a perfect Arm Shade, you can adjust the tightening so that the feeling of wear is nice.

Whether it is worth 2000 yen is subtle, but because Design is abundant
Good choice and if you can dress it is recommended item.

Even if you wear a longer sleeve on top of this, you will get sunburn.
Those who are considering purchasing for women are cautious.

For spring and summer, I was looking for something long sleeved that I can not see as Motorcycle wear. Wind was steadily and it was as expected. Because the fabric is Gauze, elbows etc.. There are also things that it goes out, but I am satisfied.

Although seldom needed for running vicinity, since a throat gets dry too when carrying out a long-distance race line etc., I think that it is required.Water can be quickly supplied at the

crossing at the time of the waiting for a signal, etc.Under blazing heat, such as a long-distance race line of

midsummer, the measure against heatstroke is required also for Motorcycle riding.