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ROUGH & ROAD adalah manufaktur riding gear unggulan asal Jepang. ROUGH & ROAD menyediakan jaket, sarung tangan, dan tas motor yang dibuat untuk berbagai macam gaya riding.

(1683 Ulasan)


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Produk Baru ROUGH&ROAD

Ulasan Produk ROUGH&ROAD

In comfort, it attached so that a path-through-a-wood run could be carried out.
4MM thickness differs in sense of security.
It was not distorted and stopped also worrying the stone which hits a crankcase in a rash thing.

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

[ [or / there were 2011 /] ] Considering a price, it is very warm.
Wearing is also easy and it is recommended.

Goods are picked out from a package, and although the wire was pulled out, it cannot pull out smoothly for the business of video.
It acts as Locke of the wire first, and although the key tended to cancel, it cannot do.
And it does not escape from a key.
Since it was initial failure, it threw away.

Or [ that using tying with two three is also interesting ]! According to the device of the side to be used, it is very helpful and I think that they are interesting goods.
However, it is although it does not come out even if a wire pulls in the state where it put on the palm ...
The neighborhood thinks that explanation is insufficient.
At first, I thought whether to have been goods of inferior quality.
Since it is user-friendly also when you understand, it cannot be parted with any longer.
True! It can come and is ! really.

There is only a bestseller, on a cinch, a visual field is also large and the price of a retractable type, 3D, and a function surface is also cheap.
Is only the increase of weight a difficulty?

Although it was used for some time, since degradation progressed, it replaced.
Since I am a type which certainly brings rain gear when I go for touring, storage nature is the most important portion.
Truly, in the case of a heavy rain, although some osmosis is carried out, with most rain, it is satisfactory.
What it is easy to put on on it, and a tough leather jacket besides a battle suit is pleasing.
The thing in which the mesh is used for the back side is caught and irritated when wearing.
It is important by rainy weather that it can wear quickly.
It is better to attach an easy hood from now on..

Although it is small, air enters fairly lightly.
I want it to exclude it, since a digital monitor is unreliable entirely, and to lower a price.