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Suara knalpot RPM mencuri hati para rider. Knalpot RPM dirancang secara simpel dan elegan serta sesuai untuk berbagai jenis motor mulai dari motor mini, skutik, hingga motor besar.

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Previously, I used Short Kan, but it was somewhat annoying to my neighborhood. I thought of a slightly longer Silencer and a rust resistant Plating Exhaust System triggered. Originally it was patchy because we had a bit of Carburetor setting..

Short tube made by one company (Silencer installed) As I was running in, I bought a JCMA official approved Exhaust System as noise was put on the ticket to the police.
I was lauded loudly than the Short tube for JCMA official recognition. It is quite noisy, so please take care if you are considering purchasing.
I will not get caught by the police, but I will be caught by the goddess.
However, it is not always noisy, Idling is quiet, and if Axel opening is less than half, it is quiet.
When it is fully opened, it will be an explosion sound as soon as possible.
Sound quality, bass is almost none, it is quite treble type. I like Race ish with a good sound of dry crush.
Plating quality is also good, it is shiny. Tension will go up..

Design can be said to be 120%.
If you know Motorcycle, "Wow - - Parenthesis OK - - - There is no one who does not think Level's Matching + beauty.
Regarding the following performance, unmodified (Baffle out etc etc etc. It is an honest Impression with no.
- Sound quality is Sokosoko (Exhaust system replacement meaningful)
- There is no problem at all from low speed to medium speed. Satisfied.
- On the flatland, high speed range 80? ~ (60 in case of Tandem) There is a feeling that the rash from. (I'm afraid somehow on the flatland but more than that - - ?)
- You can not play at 60? On an uphill slope (In the first place without EngineTorque? I feel a tendency.

There is no schedule of adjustment at Baffle, but I'm feeling like trying to adjust, not dismissal.

Cost performance is high in Certified Product of JMCA, so I ordered it. It took about a month to arrive. As soon as we arrived, we installed the goods, but for some reason it is 4-2-1 in collecting pipe description, but it is 4-1.
We installed it again and again, but exhaust leakage occurs. I also used liquid packing, but it was useless.
By all means, exhaust leakage was brought to the episode 2 unfortunately, but eventually it was taken about 10,000 yen, it was a prime of liquid packing.
Perfectly, it should eventually correspond to Aluminum Tape

Is it a problem of Clearance? Again, who stopped the meeting place with Spring, in a safe place?
We will recommend if there is exhaust leakage preparation.

Sound quality etc.. There is no problem at all, it is a waste of waste.

It was cheap, it costs no shipping fee, so it will be good soon!
Acceleration has changed at all, and the sound is the best even if it rains!
Please try to buy everyone!

Until running, as far as sound quality was concerned, it was half-trusted but when I ran after installation I was satisfied with a pleasant sound of live. Purchasing Cost was also a very affordable way of thinking. If it is said that it is an explosion sound, since it is an explosive sound, I'm thinking of purchasing a back-end Baffle.

I installed it on the CB 223S.
Although it is for FTR, it can be installed without problems with a pon attachment.
However, Japan Government Certificated is not eligible for CB by FTR.
Normal muffler 1st speed - Second speed capped quickly
So you need SHIFT UP quickly,
Engine braking was too effective for me
Being behaving, it was in a difficult condition to use
It gets better coming out 1 - Second speed is now available
Weight is considerably lighter, acceleration performance is also improved
Carburetor's Settingetc. Even without change, performance
Improvement can be experienced.
Certified Exhaust System, but it sounds quite loud
There is enough bank angle and ground clearance than Down Exhaust System
It is an Exhaust System that makes you enjoy riding..

I bought 67 RACING for ZEPHYR 400.
I've been using cheap Short tube, 4-1 tube and various Silencer, but after all RPM is good.
If you turn elegantly from the Idling sound, you will play the sound of the nobility.
As for the high revolution type single car, it is RPM after all.
It will be fun to run.